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3 percent GDP growth will be hard to replicate: Dennis Gartman

3 percent GDP growth will be hard to replicate: Dennis Gartman

The Gartman Letter Editor Dennis Gartman on the Federal Reserve, the state of the economy and the outlook for stocks.

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39 thoughts on “3 percent GDP growth will be hard to replicate: Dennis Gartman

  1. Democrats want less at about 1 percent because they want globalism! Globalism is the moving of a business to a third world country for cheap wages and no insurance! And no american jobs! That's why California does well because the business that went to Mexico and the owners live in California !

  2. Unless the young people get off their butts and get jobs, especially in manufacturing, there will be no one to replace older workers when they retire, and that is a FACT! Ask any manufacturer how old their average worker is. This is a crisis in proportion, as factories need skilled workers to make the goods that feed, clothe, house, and amuse the masses.

  3. He said we are extremely low (percentage-wise) on the levels for the 10, 20, and 30-year bonds, but he forgot to mention the inverted yield curve of the 10yr. since May 23rd of this year, he also forgot to mention that the Civilian labor force participation rate hasn't increased at all, it's still at 62.9%, the same as it was when the last administration handed over the office.
    It seems to be that Larry Kudlow and people like this guy have a brain fart when it comes to the failure of the trade wars; the US trade deficit with China has "increased" by $72,702,200,000 dollars in just two years (2016-2018); the US trade deficit with Mexico has "increased" by $17,386‬,000,000 dollars in just two short years (2016-2018); the US trade deficit with Canada has "increased" by $8,070,400,000 dollars in just two short years (2016-2018); and the US trade deficit Worldwide has "increased" by $139,487,500,000 dollars in just two short years (2016-2018). It took "eight years" under the last administration to accumulate that amount of trade debt.
    Have any of you looked at the Social Security Administration “surplus” totals?

    2014 SSA “surplus” = $29.544 billion dollars

    2015 SSA “surplus” = $27.549 billion dollars

    2016 SSA “surplus” = $36.26 billion dollars

    2017 SSA “surplus” = $46.545 billion dollars

    2018 SSA “surplus” = $3.078 billion dollars.

    If jobs are doing so well, then why doesn't the 2018 SSA Surplus reflect that? Employer and employee contributions to the FICA Tax is what pays for SSA, so shouldn't we "at least" be equivalent to the $29.544 amount above? Or, are the American people that are paying into Social Security being ripped off by the companies due to the tax cuts?
    By the way, our GDP hasn't hit 3% under the Trump organization, it was 2.2% in 2017, 2.9% in 2018, and it's predicted to drop to 2.3 in 2019. If people care about themselves and their families, then start looking at the "facts" which establish the "truth," not alternative facts which establish a lie.

  4. I think 3% growth will be impossible to sustain…if Trump is not reelected, that is. He has the magic wand and knows how to use it, unlike Barry who couldn't even find it–denied its existence.

  5. During the 2016 presidential campaign, fake Republican Trump promised he would "eliminate the nation’s debt in eight years". Instead, his budgets would add $9.1 trillion during that time. It would increase the U.S. debt to $29 trillion according to Trump's budget estimates. Massive hidden tax on our future.

  6. Folks, I'm Canadian, and frankly I was totally surprised to see Donald Trump win in 2016; I say this now however, he will almost certainly win, all things as they are, in 2020. I still have to warn you all that there are circumstances the now President faces which are purely inherited, and which pose a serious threat to the markets at these levels. Debts and spending etc, do yourselves a favour and try to keep in mind that to really live the long game you need to divorce politics from the decision making.

  7. He was honest in saying he was wrong in predicting a bare market when the last 2 years have been a bull market, then he continues to give his advice? "Oh, I was wrong for the last 2 years, but here is what I think is going to happen" Then the host says "interesting" as if anything this guy says has value. It's just too funny. It's like an SNL skit.

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