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Analyst: Kim Jong Un talks to Trump like he's a teenager

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is calling on the US to stop “its current way of calculation” if it is interested in continuing diplomatic talks, according to a report from the country’s state news agency KCNA. CNN’s Brian Todd reports.
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41 thoughts on “Analyst: Kim Jong Un talks to Trump like he's a teenager

  1. Saddam Hussein; Gadaffi and many more who felt the wrath of the American's and eventually died in their hands must speak with this young man in his dreams from their graves …America will squeeze the fat out of the roach….

  2. but but but….
    Lord trumpet said he was the love of kims life! Lord trumpet also said the summit went very very goodly.
    Why would Kim do this to trumpy? Why?

    This so called president is an abomination. U fucking americans got played πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Of course they will. Kim knows he can't trust the USA. In the early 2000s his father signed an agreement with China, Russia and USA. About 90% negotiated by China and Russia. He closed the Reactor and North Korea honored there side. Verified. Idiot little George and Chaney etc. Very similar to the present goons then decided they wanted Missiles in the deal as well. Not just Nukes. Trump will never get a deal. The USA will never get a deal whoever is there. The USA simply can't be trusted. Kim knows that. He half trusted Trump. Now finished that Trump has Bolton and Pompous as his goons. Kim also knows now the Democrats are no different the way they support Trumps actions in Iran. The USA is finished there.
    Kim now turns to China and Russia again.
    We might see a preliminary agreement for a new Gas line this week from Russia through North Korea to South Korea and a new Rail Line from Russia through North Korea also. Putin and his civilised advisers and Admin don't find it hard to out manoeuvre any USA Admin in the long term. That also applies to China. They can easily out manoeuvre US Admins.
    The USA has not progressed far from the Hollywood days of the six gun. A bigger better gun solves all problems. No! It does not.

  4. Donald Trump is the worst thing that has ever happen to this country, at least Obama was smart enough to understand to never unroll the red carpet to a dictator just because he popped up some nuclear explosions nearby; because this is just the worse threat to the security of the United States; it's like paying ransom to terrorists; what example does it set for all the other trouble makers out there?

  5. What Kim says to his people is pretty farking far from what is said face to face during a negotiation. Would you ever go back to your team/country/whatever and give a we got our butt kicked today speech or we kicked some ass baby. Hudson analist know's that but is butt sniffin cnn.

  6. An escapee said Kim tells the people that Trump is very impressed and jealous of NK. That he visited to learn how to make a better country. I hate Trump but it’s best to keep your enemies close

  7. So Trump the Cheatto lied to the whole world what he achieved and signed at Singapore summit

    And there are still people believing the lies of Donald Trump

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