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Baker Mayfield Sheds Light On Spending Time With Patriots’ Tom Brady | NFL

Tom Brady’s Kentucky Derby crew didn’t solely consist of current and former New England Patriots.

Baker Mayfield also was among NFLers who took in this year’s Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs. Mayfield managed to chop it up a bit with Brady, who the Cleveland Browns quarterback clearly has an abundance of admiration for.

“Just being around the greatest of all time, it’s an honor just be around him,” Mayfield recently told reporters, as transcribed by ProFootballTalk. “And then how he is with his teammates, the guys he’s played with, how they speak so highly of him. You don’t really talk about football in those situations, but just how he treats everybody, how he handles himself. I think it’s just some of the better examples of how to go through life. He just, he does it all right.”

Brady certainly is someone Mayfield can look up to as he continues to make a name for himself in the NFL. And if the Browns are going to be “the new Patriots” like Odell Beckham Jr. expects them to be, Mayfield can serve himself well by mirroring Brady’s leadership tactics.

Mayfield will go toe-to-toe with Brady for the first time in his career in late October when the Browns visit Gillette Stadium for a Week 8 clash.

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