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BGMI Launch Party Event by Krafton Offers 6 Lakh Prize Pool, Starts July 8

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has announced its first event in India, which is also Krafton’s first event in the country ever since relaunching PUBG Mobile under a new banner. However, the first event will be a showcase one, which essentially means that every player will not be able to participate in the tournament. The event will take place over two days, i.e. Thursday, July 8 and Friday, July 9, and will feature 18 professional esports teams that will battle it out on the BGMI battle royale playing field. Called BGMI Launch Party, the event goes live tomorrow.

According to teasers of the event, BGMI Launch Party will feature some of the most popular PUBG Mobile teams and players such as Maxtern and Dynamo, among others. The tournament is likely being used by Krafton to establish its sign of intent to support competitive gaming, and help the industry of gaming and gamers in India grow. The BGMI Launch Party event will offer a total prize pool of Rs 6 lakh, which will likely be distributed across winners, runners-up and individual awardees such as tournament and match-wise MVPs (most valuable players), too.

The BGMI Launch Party event also highlights what future tournaments may offer. In its previous form, PUBG Mobile was undoubtedly one of the most popular competitive games in the country, and regularly attracted competitive tournaments including third party tournaments hosted by various parties and supported by sponsors. The game was credited with helping introduce many mobile gamers to the world of competitive gaming, sponsor backed teams and more, and with BGMI, Krafton will hope to continue on the same vein.

While BGMI has opted for a number of cosmetic changes such as replacing blood with green (or yellow) feathers, and repeated prompts reminding players to take breaks and that the game is a virtual, simulated world, we found the game to be just about as good as what PUBG Mobile was. It has received an equivalent response as well, having just crossed 1 crore downloads in the past few days, too.

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