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Brainstorm Health: Civica RX Focus, Alabama Abortion Law, Johnson & Johnson Pipeline

Alabama passes a near-total abortion ban. Activists vowed to fight the country’s most stringent anti-abortion laws to date on Wednesday as Alabama’s governor signed a bill that would effectively ban nearly all such procedures in the state. It would criminalize the procedure and impose a 99-year sentence on doctors who perform abortions—and there are no exceptions for victims of rape or incest. Even long-time abortion opponents like evangelical leader Pat Robertson dubbed the law “extreme” and said it goes too far. The strategy here is clear, though—the law is meant to force the Supreme Court to reconsider the seminal Roe v. Wade case enshrining a woman’s right to an abortion.

Would Medicare for All really “let business off the hook?” Former Vice President Joe Biden (now an official presidential contender in 2020) took a more moderate stance on Medicare for All than some of his rivals, such as Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others, claiming that in part such a program would let employers off the hook for their workers’ well-being. CEO Richard Master, a Medicare for All proponent, takes exception to that argument in a piece for Fortune: “I’m one of those employers, and I’m supportive of Medicare for All, but it’s not about being let off the hook. As the founder and CEO of a business that has always provided health care for our employees, MCS Industries, I’d rather pay a predictable, manageable payroll tax to finance health care than pay impossibly high and unpredictable premiums,” he writes. (Fortune)


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