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British PM Theresa May to resign after Brexit disaster

British PM Theresa May to resign after Brexit disaster

Foreign policy expert Asha Castleberry and CME Markets chief market analyst Michael Hewson on British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to resign and the future of Brexit.

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20 thoughts on “British PM Theresa May to resign after Brexit disaster

  1. May's resignation came with the move to declass the mess the dems created with political spying and attempted overthrow of our govt. Judging from the position that British intelligence played in that fiasco I look forward to seeing exactly what else they did.

  2. May should never have mentioned being the second female PM (and not the last) – gender politics should NEVER play a role – it should ALWAYS and ONLY EVER be, the "BEST" "person" for the JOB. Her ANGRY RESENTFUL TEARS and STORMING OUT after her last words, were UNDIGNIFIED and UNBECOMING and also, I hate to say, you'd NEVER see a "man" leave in tears like that. She was like a cry-baby who didn't get her way and stomped off in a tantrum. I do believe she is a GOOD WOMAN, though. A good "person" who meant well. That said, "The road to HELL, is PAVED with GOOD INTENTIONS." #BREXIT

  3. Bye bye T. May! Maybe Nigel could give the USA tips on getting rid of a few of the Democrats!
    Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Schiff, Warren and Blumenthal just to name a few. Horrible, horrible people!

  4. Politics is no place for women, clearly. Pelosi, May and Merkel prove that beyond doubt because they wreck countries and even continents. Some may point to Trudeau and Macron, but they are women also, and are prime candidates for fourth trimester abortion.

  5. Theresa mama May done good JOB 👍 I hope NiGEL gets handle it Leaders the People Nigel simplified plan Brexit We have IN America’s we BREXIT in Many Formes we all support change that makes a difference.

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