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Burnett: Here's why Pelosi's jabs land harder than Trump's

CNN’s Erin Burnett breaks down the latest in the spat between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which escalated during Trump’s news conference after Pelosi suggested she is concerned about the President’s well-being.
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41 thoughts on “Burnett: Here's why Pelosi's jabs land harder than Trump's

  1. You folks are delusion. The Cunt(Pelosi) is a Mess. Trump has been hit from all sides, even from his own Party, how about a Coup Attempt and he still jabing and throwing upper cuts. Basically the 72yr old man is kicking Atheist Jewish Ass. He's an Assassin.

  2. Erin Burnett use to be a "Lady of the night" but she packed on the pounds and her Pimp fired her. So, she was a shoe in to work at CNN. Queers, Transsexuals, child molesters, and butt hole rejects instead of Journalists.
    We get tired of the Trump bashing. We know you don't like him, its not news, its the only thing you have that is not FAKE NEWS. That's what happens when you nominate Hilary for President. Even Stevie Wonder could see she's a crook.

  3. This is all fake shit, Trump is playing you liberal snowflake commies like a violin. Pelosi is the one who is getting desperate. All you liberal/demorats should get the commie shit beat out of you just for being traitors and beta-male worthless cunts. I can hardly wait for a civil war to clean out you bastards properly.

  4. Pelosi doesn't need to be hit with anything. .she's naturally drunk and slurry and in total collapse as speaker. I must admit it's bizarre to see..pathetic really. These clowns going up against Trump is hilarious really. To her credit she knows impeachment is suicide. ..but go the last cliff to 2020 disaster.

  5. I wouldn't call Trump a "model" president, but the alternative is a bat of 5h!t, being offered from the left. This dumb KUNT (Burnett) could only work for a useless fake news media outlet like cnn. A worthless "reporter" working for a worthless company. Hopefully, they'll BOTH be gone, soon.

  6. Im obsessed with ding the best that's possible. I want to make good people enrichened. Im the wealthiest man on earth. I want to share. But not let congress or president steal from me which they clearly already have and are way overdue on payment. If I have to kill myself to prove that im right then they will be murderers in the greatest failure and tragedy in American history. America would be better served hanging congress then letting them steal anything from me. They've gone to far beyond any logical or reasonable stretch. I tell the navy seals its best if we start killing congress today. They have left no better option, they've shown no indication that they plan to actvin Americas interest. They've only shown they intend to murder me to steal from our nation a great wealth. It sickens my entire being just thinking of their lack of humanity. I need help. And have received not a bit of it that I can credit as real in any way. Everyday they break my heart evermore. Its sadly time to start building the gallows in the capital mall. Ill help hang them in any way I must. Ill cut the floor out to stop their bodies. Ill bag them and drive them down to the bay andshred them into fish food with a wood chipper to clean up the mess. I caught them stealing so ill do the dirty work of removing their filth from American lands and let them fatten up our coastal fish population to filter out their disease from the planet. Its the right thing to do.

  7. If congress worked in Americas interest I would be given the trillion dollars they owe me, by not paying me they are robbing the entire nation. They are robbing all humanity. They owe me more then that. They know that, they all do. Im to good natured to make any false claims. I don't owe them one thing. They owe me to much. I will never forgive theirvdebt. But I will watch them hang if they insist

  8. I wish I wasn't so good natured. I always do the right thing. I always make the correct judgment. When I say to hang all federal congress its the right thing to do for America because they aren't on Americans list of needed people for the nations success. They are stealing more then they are worth. And they absolutely owe me money and they know absolutely that they do, if they steal from me deathvis the proper penalty as I am righteous in my claims

  9. She does not realize that millions of people, including democrats, are 'severely disappointed' with Pelosi's nonsense she is a hypocrite. for decades
    . and look at her state. it's a total mess a cesspool of corruption in government high taxes, traffic, crime, chaos……. She's gotten filthy rich 'serving' the country…….

    she is just an angry old woman, bitter, never says anything nice, blames others If this is who the DNC wants to 'lead ' the party, good luck nobody with any common sense listens to that woman. she talks out of both sides of her mouth.

  10. Erin Burnett looks into the camera with a serious face and gets so many to accept this childish fighting on one side.
    “But her jokes are better than his jokes…then what did trump do?…”

  11. Anyone with half a brain knows that that POS Pelosi doesn't care about anyone, certainly not Donald Trump. Her smoke screen is pathetic, just like anyone that attempts to get a complete sentence out of that Fossil Pelosi.

  12. I agree with you Congressman Don Beyer, Trump thrives on dividing us. But I feel from the time Nancy Pelosi stated she didn't want to impeach Trump that emboldened Trump to do and say what he wants. Trump is going to foreign countries and acting the fool.

  13. In what did Donald Trump do he did just like kids do just like my grandkids do Donald Trump be like a child he went and gather the people and had them say that he didn't get upset and none of them were even in the room that is what children do so Nancy is calling it the way it is in the way the American people see it what grown men in reality gather up a bunch of people like a child that was not in the room and ask them how he was acting that's a kids mind

  14. Everybody know this President is not fit for officethe American people know he's not fit Donald Trump know it his self that he's not fit he is a illegitimate president who has no knowledge of any type of history or these countries that he has to deal with

  15. No Donald Trump you're the one with the problem you keep giving away our top secret intelligence information two other countries because you can't keep your mouth shut you had jeopardize the United States because you keep giving away the secretsyou getting money for giving away top-secret information on other countryI don't know who in their right mind would trust you with secret informationbecause no United States citizen would and they should not be giving you any top secret information

  16. Trump is right Pelosi is losing it showing ✌🏾hands n saying 3 😆’ then cnn even shows what Pelosi showing crazy movement talking crazy then have the nerve to say Pelosi is getting under trump skin u no that’s a FAT 🤥 it’s the another way around “CNN u lost from the people

  17. How many fake blond dye head female journalists does it take
    to raise and report on the important issues of concern this election season? I
    don’t know; how many have you got? A whole stable full, and not to worry if we
    run out, we can make more…

  18. 博士,

  19. Pelosi cant even count how can she outwit anyone..Her Jabs? Trump is pushing her to Dementia and according to you Libtards shes winning?..Yous Democrats really are the party of feelings and delusion. Not facts.

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