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Check out the new iPad OS beta

Check out the new iPad OS beta

Desktop-level Safari, better multitasking and mouse support? The iPadOS beta is out today — these are features Apple is bringing to the iPad.

Watch our hands-on with the iOS 13 beta:

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40 thoughts on “Check out the new iPad OS beta

  1. The mouse support phenomenal works great. You can hide the keyboard from the accessibility touch options, and use all the buttons in ur mouse even if u r using a gaming mouse. Please stop giving false information and do your research.

  2. Still no proper support for different file types for example Raw files , sony video files – files app should work and support all the file types like in normal computer. Apple pencil is noticeably faster – great improvement.

  3. I hate that Apple constantly gets a ton of praise just for getting up to speed with its competition, and even getting up to speed like adding mouse support they screw that up

  4. I downloaded IPad OS Public Beta and it has no improved files app mouse support or usb drive support. So why is there a public beta if there is nothing to test? It just feels like a laggy IOS 12.

  5. Lmao finally multitasking on ipad which av been using on android years before also widgets, oh and have they release the stand for the ipad yet? Really looking forward to that and its price tag

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