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China Facing Price Heat from Pork Crisis & U.S. Stock Market on Shaky Stilts?

Another day, another twist in the rocky trade relationship across the Pacific. From the U-S cracking down on China to the Pork Problem facing the People’s Republic. John Quelch, the Dean of Business School at the University of Miami is standing by to break down what lies on the horizon for the hostile trade rhetoric. Plus, financial risks are not unique to China as the U-S may feel some heat, despite some positive news for the stock market. Professor Richard Wolff is on hand to help us sort through stocks and what we can expect going forward as the US has opened up multiple fronts on its trade war.

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20 thoughts on “China Facing Price Heat from Pork Crisis & U.S. Stock Market on Shaky Stilts?

  1. People keep saying Huawei makes great stuff, but these same people cant name a thing. But we all know Huawei makes nothing of their own. Everything great about Huawei is tech they either bought, stole, or plagarize from other companies. Huawei is huge becuz they sell more cheap phones to brokeas countries than anybody. Theres nothing Huawei does that LG, HTC or Motorola(owned by Chinese firm) can't do.

  2. Having more efficient and advance technologies, Huawei will survives and prospers, albeit with a short period delay, given the US illegitimate and evil intention to destroy fair competition.

  3. I'm sure that most of the world is hoping that Huawei and China flatten the US and US tech industry because the whiney bitches can't handle real competition and have to resort to having the US govt. step in to protect them from the big bad boy down the street that is pecking on them.

  4. China didn't start any war with USA 😆😆😆 don't blames China !!! USA must bring democracy to trump dictator with fakes tariffs poor Americans people pay for it get out from white house before too late put the country upside down like Hong Kong city that's all. 👏👏👏👏

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