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David Nicholas talks UBER, destroys AOC's comment on housing for everyone

David Nicholas talks UBER, destroys AOC's comment on housing for everyone

Nicholas Wealth Management President David Nicholas on Uber, Disney and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comment about the human right to a home.

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42 thoughts on “David Nicholas talks UBER, destroys AOC's comment on housing for everyone

  1. Don't like socialism then stay out of our public school stay out of the public library don't use your social security card don't go to public hospitals don't call the fire department when your house is on fire and don't drive on any paved roads and do not cross any bridges. Dumbass socialism paid for all of this and America is 99% socialism and 1% Capitalism!
    Only those who watch Fox News believe lies!

  2. so why isnt AOC out giving apartments to the homeless? BECAUSE SHE'S A LIAR. with demonslut politicians its ALWAYS really all about THEM THEM THEM getting THEIRS THEIRS THEIRS.

  3. Aoc =FUBAR dumbest person walking gods green earth. House for everyone get the fu🏁k out of here. You have to Earn it. Nothing is free nothing, some working slob pays for it. Still want to meet the family of four I'm feeding 👌

  4. AOC is simply put a Trained Dog for TYT & being trained by Cenk Uygur the Turkey from Turkey under the watchful eye of his founder & supporter George the war criminal Soros will push anything that undermines America & it's values. Mix them all together & what do you get, Pond Scum..!

  5. I am no fan of AOC, and I hate myself for agreeing with anything she says. But on the subject of housing she is correct. Early settlers got to claim land and build homes. They paid no taxes on their homes, their were no banks attached to their homes either. Black Americans ancestors were cheated out of land in some cases and refused the same opportunity in other cases. So she's not far off the mark, as hard as that may be to believe.

  6. Well said Mr. Nicholas. The only reason AOC spews this nonsense is because this is all she knows. Think about it. She was a professional student for most of her life and then only worked in the private sector for a very short time. She doesn't know how to EARN anything and/or support herself. Of course she spews free everything, she's a lazy, entitled millennial. What else does she know? Congrats go out to her parents….job well done, NOT.

  7. But we got money to spend on To blow up House's instead of Building them. We spend almost 700 billion a year on Miltary and we have nothing to show for it . All we are doing is pissing off Muslims.

  8. Alexandria Occasional-Cortex apparently doesn't know how ineffective the low-income housing tax credit is. It's been a complete flop! How many housing projects in New York City & Chicago have either been torn down or look like they need to be demolished?

  9. Americans have a right to “dignified housing,” which includes things like good heat, clean air and low noise – offered at an affordable price…..She said that comes before profit….Otherwards you can't gouge people for profits on housing…

  10. For real…. who is she gonna borrow all the money from that she needs to do her all her great accomplishments from her master plan to fix the Planet ? She just dont care !!!

  11. He made no substantive argument, and misinterpreted AOC's comment. His basic thesis is that the federal government should not supply any of the needs of the people. I guess, by implication, government serves business, not the people. That, sadly, seems to be common practice these days. Dear David, The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States says that "Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
    The purpose of the federal government is established above. Pay special heed to the "promote the general welfare" clause. Nowhere in the constitution, nor in the dialog that supports it is the right to profit. This is a fiction created by those that have a lot to distract from the constitutional mandate to promote the general welfare of all of our citizens.
    AOC's comments only stated that we need to attend the real needs of all of our people… that the purpose of government is to serve the people. Furthermore, I'd argue the purpose of commerce is to serve the people. Your argument flips this on end — that the purpose of government, and therefore "We the People" is to serve commerce, and your selfish interests.
    People who cling to the constitution should actually read it.

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