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Dems aren’t serious about contempt: Robert Ray

Dems aren’t serious about contempt: Robert Ray

Former federal prosecutor Robert Ray discusses how the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress.

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27 thoughts on “Dems aren’t serious about contempt: Robert Ray

  1. The little bald angry man desperately needs to get laid. I wish these morons would answer how it is possible to obstruct an investigation if there was never a crime to begin with? Unfortunately about 20 percent of America is happy to allow the TV to do thier thinking for them.

  2. Democrats are liars and they are corrupt threw and threw. Voting for Trump 2020. for Trump is our last change for America. Either you vote Trump or America will become a socialist country. Take back our America in 2020 by voting Dem's out of Office.

  3. If Bill Barr gave the Dems what they want then they would prosecute him for breaking the law wouldn't they.??? Major bullcrap from these pathetic scoundrels. In other words they would throw Barr under the bus to get at Trump. They aren't upholding the law much less common sense.

  4. i wish Nadler and company would quit saying all these Subpoenas are necessary and a benefit to the American people. That is BS, They are doing this for their own agenda. Quit wasting the American people's time and Money and Get Back To Getting Your Real Work Done. This Fake Work just like the Fake News.

  5. Its a big ..🐕. And ….🐴. Show….. They want to slow BARR….THEY KNOW.. THEY ARE SCARED….THEY ARE IN DEEP DOO DOO……!!!! NADLER IS CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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