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Eid al-Adha 2021: Here are Some Decorating Tips To Make Your Celebrations At Home Magical

The custom of decking up the house with festive lights and other accessories during a festival has been around forever. But, it gains a whole other significance when you are confined to your home for the festival and are avoiding the outdoors to curb a pandemic. Under such circumstances, your home surely deserves some extra love and sprucing.

Here are some decor tips that would make your Eid al-Adha celebrations at home more festival and amazing.

Bring The Light Home

From fairy lights to Arabic lanterns, and beautiful Eid-themed candles, there are of course many ways to make your home bright, and inviting. There are also many varieties of star and moon decorating pieces to shop for. But, if you are creative and love handmade pieces more, then you can make something yourself. For example, the star garlands or strings which can be hung on windows or above doors on this auspicious day. You can also make paper lanterns with look great on LED light.

Add fresh and decorative Flowers

Adorning your home with flowers not only makes it look good but also smells divine. So, stock up on garlands to hang around your rooms and balcony, and decorate the entrance of your home with fresh flowers, and candles even if you are only having family over and keeping your home gathering small. Your dinner table would also look marvelous if you put vases with fresh flowers in them. You can also make decorative flowers at home.

Majlis Setting, Embellished Carpets

Do up a majlis setting in your living room, or in the outdoor space, where you can gather with your family, and close friends and share conversations, and good cheer over refreshments. Decorate the seating area with some beautiful and festive fabric, and keep some candles next to the seating, on side tables. The floor must not be ignored as well. The soft and dreamlike, traditional carpets adorned with ornamented accessories draw everyone’s attention. There are lots to choose from. But as you are doing it for Eid, make it Eid-themed.

Set the Table

A big part of any feast is dishware and just because you aren’t throwing a big party this year, doesn’t mean you don’t bring out your best crockery. Match your table cloth fabric with your table mats, and don’t forget to put a centrepiece on the table runner. You can also polish your silverware if you are using the special ones, that you only bring out during festivals. Once everything is set, bring out the wonderful dishes that have been cooked, and have an amazing time with your loved ones. Eid Mubarak!

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