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Employees leaving labor force in mass exodus

Employees leaving labor force in mass exodus

ManpowerGroup North America President Becky Frankiewicz discusses why people are leaving the workforce.

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44 thoughts on “Employees leaving labor force in mass exodus

  1. People are leaving crap jobs to get better ones as heaps of opportunity exists. This happens in a booming economy. Terms and conditions will get better as employers have to compete for the skills that are in the work force.

  2. Well I would not come to North Carolina I believe it to be a communist state at least half of it they have a Democrat Governor if that tells you anything. And I'm not sure but you would think you could go in and tell your employer not to take taxes out anymore but I'm not sure if you can do that. But if there's no social security in another 10 years because of the illegals why in the hell would you want to pay taxes it's not going toward your social security. What are they going to do but millions of people in prison I don't think so.

  3. Peter Schiff needs his own Fox Business show but then too many of his Fox colleagues would be neutralized. Okay kids, it's still gonna be awhile until wages catch up, just don't give up. Or we may have to exercise our right to abolish the current government, reinstate the US Constitution, shut off the border, deport all illegal aliens in the country, deport socialists/communists (Democrats & RINOS), pay down the debt and whadaya know? Back to normal!

  4. Conservatives need to leave Fox News due to them leaning way to the left all because you idiots fell for the Democrats not inviting you to the DNC. The DNC didn't make Fox successful dumbasses.


  6. Every time there is a large ICE raid on a business, black Americans replace the illegal immigrant. I.E. illegal immigrants are keeping black Americans from getting the jobs they want.

  7. Most of us are modern slaves,
    Back in the days slaves work for food and a place to live they started to revolt against the system so they decided to come up with a solution, "money" give them a pay so they can buy whatever makes them happy and they will be ok with working still like slaves

  8. I think we as Americans work to hard. 40 hours are to many, those who are salary who work more are falling asleep on the highway. Maybe we should scale back on the hours.

  9. She is wrong
    U6 numbers of unemployed were not reported by mass media only U3 which is an underestimate
    6000 store closings announced this year
    Do your own research for ‘The full picture’

  10. I have been working the same job for the last 10 years. I have a bachelors degree in finance but I work a skilled mechanics job. I went a long time not able to get a good job. People who believe getting a stable job is easy are naïve. I wouldn’t mind going for a job that paid more money but I know how hard it is. Listening to right wing talking points propaganda is laughable. We’ve reached full employment and with these tariffs insulation will grow. With this insulation interest rates will climb and this is the beginning of the downward cycle. No amount of spin or propaganda from Fox News can’t hide this.

  11. Illegal aliens have been a curse not a blessing. They have completely changed the face and fabric of this nation affecting everything from high cost healthcare to low wages to high crime and to an enormous problem with opioids and other drugs. Anyone who says that the USA has not been affected negatively is either dumb and blind or simply a sell out! I’m very afraid for our future generations. Sometimes I wonder if we are in such a downward spiral that we will cease to exist as a society, let alone a great nation. I’m saddened to the core.

  12. I quit my construction job because of the illegals the pay scale has never risen it has dropped because of illegals coming into the construction they need to be f**** deported

  13. Businesses are so determined to find only work with the exact skills needed, they'll backlog work for a year or two waiting for that perfect employee.

  14. Where do this ninja keep appearing from? Nothing but the result of the failing side of the punnet square. Dude has issues and its visible. Keep this decrypt out my visual with its poor thoughts

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