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Eric Grothe Jr challenges Justin Hodges to next fight

Former New South Wales State of Origin star Eric Grothe Jr has challenged Queensland legend Justin Hodges to a fight.

Grothe Jr and Hodges were involved in a brutal altercation when the two squared up during the 2006 State of Origin series, and the former Eels star took to Twitter to call out the ex-Bronco.

“Old roomy. Congrats on your err ‘fight’,” Grothe Jr tweeted.

“You still owe me 20 bucks I gave (you) for (cigarettes) in 02. Let’s fight.

“Boxing, MMA, BKB, you choose. I’ve 0 experience in any discipline so it’ll be another easy (win) & payday for you.

“We’ll fight in your home town. No handbags this time.”

Grothe accompanied his tweet with an image of he and Hodges engaged in fisticuffs from the 2006 series photoshopped with a pair of handbags.

The tweet comes after Hodges took just 23 seconds to dispose of his opponent Troy McMahon in his second career bout.

Following the fight, Hodges admitted that he was feeling empty.

“It leaves an empty feeling in your gut,” Hodges said.

“You train hard and want a good fight. I don’t have any bad feelings towards him. He took the fight on late notice, we had a couple of guys pull out.

“He could have knocked us back too but he accepted.

“I hurt him in one hit and I didn’t want to hurt him anymore. I’m not here to hurt anybody.

“I love boxing, I’m having a go and I tried to do the right thing by him by not hurting him.

“It’s gut-wrenching, it’s an empty feeling.”


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