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Erin Burnett: Hope Hicks is as inner circle for Trump as it gets

CNN’s Erin Burnett discusses the White House directing former officials Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson not to turn over any documents to the House Judiciary Committee relating to their time at the White House. #CNN #News

20 thoughts on “Erin Burnett: Hope Hicks is as inner circle for Trump as it gets

  1. You all whats really funny……the white house acts like an organized gang …and the country is the police who excusing or looking past questionable behavior….bunch of fucking children keeping secrets and telling stories to their "mummy and da da"😒🤔

  2. Charge who $25,000 ??? Does that oath include illegal spying on American citizens??? What is said about that Jackie?? Evidence that Hillary broke so many federal laws along with Obama ?? Thats right treason commited by Brennan, Obama, Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Strok, and several others!! But you are gonna have to pick your lipstick off the floor when you learn that the biggest Sting in American History has been going on since Benghaz, i to bring down the Clintons and Obama and the Criminals in the CIA and FBI, Brennnan Comey Lynch etc. WILL YOU JACKIE, APOLOGIZE TO ALL THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE MISLED, BY BEING UNEDUCATED AND LAZY, AND STUCK IN YOUR ON LITTLE MARY KAY WORLD?? WILL YOU APOLOGIZE TO PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR YOUR HATEFUL ACCUSATIONS .. WHEN you LEARN THE TRUTH . THAT GENERAL FLYNN FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY SET THE TRAP FOR ALL OF YOU IGNORANT SOCIALIST BIASED LOONS BY PLACING HIMSELF COVERTLY INSIDE THE DEEP STATE THROUGH IMPRISONMENT TO BRING OUT THE BIGGEST MOST POWERFUL PLAYERS WORLD WIDE. TO SAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ALL OF US! I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR UPCOMING PERFORMANCE.. BUT PS YOU MAY WANT TO WIPE OFF THE LIPSTICK BEFORE YOU ENJOY YOUR DEEP DISH OF CROW PIE…

  3. The longer Donald Trump represents America, the more number of people will be turned into America haters. Look. I loved America the MOST in the world all my life up until the result of 2016 presidency election. How can anyone like him as a human being let alone as the president.

  4. The problem is that the men in the Democratic Party feel duty-bound to stay within the moral and verbal rules that allow women to be present. I don’t want to be restricted by those rules when I talk to another man who I am having a disagreement with if the other side is not playing by those rules. I am sick of these pablum eating Democrat’s, I need angry adults who threaten and then take immediate action. Pelosi must go! Don’t say you’re going to arrest someone who defies a subpoena. Just arrest them! You win a street fight by punching him in the mouth, not by threats. What do women know about this? Absolutely nothing.

  5. 8:18 So during a state visit in person with HRH, the remark that PM May's old department spied on him may be untimely? as she tearfully resigns he comes in like a dog on the furniture. Stellar timing as always. It's like the Jed Clampett family at times over seas. Notably the Trump's were not invited to church ( divorced) In hindsight cutting the STate dept 31% may be unwise, diplomatically speaking savvy? 230 years of diplomacy thrown away, well that was thrilling. Let's bomb the moon, live on TV. Moon bastards!

  6. Wilbur Ross has a net worth of $2.5 Billion dollars. A fine of 25 k is a business cost. Next idea, and new blood in the California Causus with an eye to their duty like Adam Schiff and Nadler and Waters have done? The hearings are not happening, are they now? Waiting for Mueller, fines, you guys are weak…next AOC!!!

  7. Free Hope Hicks! A hardworking personal assistant and career communications pro. Not a gangster stoolie and Mueller should retire already. Why are they always harassing female public officials? AOC is 29 and no threat to the presidency. They really go after her for her ethnicity and gender and will backfire in 2020 with women voters. Oddly still 41% of females polled feel a woman president would be scary? Y? And 3:48 nailed the intro as Erin always does.

  8. Sometimes I wonder why so many investigative journalists are oblivious to the conspiracy as well as the long con. Donald Trump is the perfect shield for the real deep state conspiracy of Washington DC power brokers. I am not some right wing conspiracy wanker I am a guy who sees the tells and knows all the angles. I guess its like a house of mirrors and Donald Trump is like a bull in a china shop because his narcissistic personality disorder/sociopaths personality disorder/cognitive thought disorder with a significant possibility of early onset dementia which could be a hereditary genetic predisposition or the product of a series of childhood traumas,an abusive father who was overly critical, domineering.arbitrary,willfully, ignorant authoritarian, intolerant of any disobedience most probably used abusive or angry corporal punishment to express his own repressed anger and resentment over a physically abusive male authority figure most likely his father possibly his physically aggressive oldest brother. When Trump assaulted his music teacher aggressively it would have been advantageous to force his participation in a institutional setting. The apparent acceptance of Trump's application and the Trump family predisposition for criminality to use as a tool of defiance while scheduling spaceflight on commercial. Donald Trump most likely stole candy from the area. Trump's combative nature as well as his disregard of religious emblem suggests a history of abusive.

  9. …"u cant have your cake and eat it too.if no wrong doing is inevitable on hunts and allegations why? not where a different suit to court every day to challenge any completacies insinuated, why? not free the documentation requested by congress,why? hush potential collaborators who? could put candles on the cake for your demise.seems we have not learn from the Nixon syndrome, forget that remedy well mr Clinton became a godsend after his impeachment that was a sexual incident clandestine with perjury, your development involves a foreign nation entwine with obstruction where? 1,000 prosecutors said Michael if that was u ,u would be under the jail, man up mr Perez and do the right thing for yourself and the country you say u so love".😎👊👊🇺🇸2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

  10. 😎2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣👊🇺🇸.."contempt $25ooo a day jail time.👊🇺🇸2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

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