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FBI sent undercover investigator to meet Trump adviser, report says

The New York Times reports that two months before the 2016 presidential election Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos sat down with an undercover investigator for the FBI who was trying to probe whether the Trump campaign was working with Russia. The FBI declined comment, according to the paper. #CNN #News

36 thoughts on “FBI sent undercover investigator to meet Trump adviser, report says

  1. Paint the President as the victim. Democrats and some biased media have been calling him treasonous and was colluding with Russia. I am looking forward to hearing about the investigation into the FISA warrant.

  2. One question:

    J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director back in the 1960"s, when he did this kind of secret & undercover thing to American citizens he didn't like or had suspicions about, we had a simple name for it….Right? That's right… SPYING ON AMERICANS !!! And because of it, we came up with ALOT OF LAWS & REGULATIONS & OPERATING PROCEEDURES against that kind of thing…RIGHT?

    Now today, they want to play word games to make it sound better and try to fool you that what you are seeing & hearing about with your own eyes & ears is different or more innocent, when in reality IT'S ACTUALLY SANCTIONED & ORIGINATING FROM A HIGHER LEVEL (the Obama Administration), FROM A WIDER GROUP OF SUPPOSED TRUSTED AGENCIES, ALOT MORE LAWS & REGULATIONS BROKEN AND COURTS LIED TO, INVOLVING MANY MORE SUPPOSED TOP OFFICIALS…and therefore IT'S MUCH MUCH WORSE THAN WHAT J. EDGAR HOOVER DID (or even wider corruption than Watergate) BY A WIDE MARGIN !!!

    The democrats (and the democrat party media friends CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, TYT, NY TIMES, WASH POST, etc) they ALL KNOW IT, and have gone into absolutely overdrive to throw up as much smoke & smaer & cover as possible for the facts they know are soon going to be coming out.

    ALL the verbal & character attacks upon Atty Gen Barr (when he has followed or operated fully within the WRITTEN SPECIAL COUNSEL LAWS, which the dems & these dem party news channels NEVER show or discuss the written laws or state that Barr didn't follow the law) it is all ADVANCE CHARACTER SMEARING TO PROTECT THE CROOKED OBAMA ADMINISTRATION & FBI & CIA heads ahead of the spying investigations Barr stated he has started, THAT WILL LEAD TO CRIMINAL CHARGES BEING FILED AND MANY ON THE DEMOCRAT SIDE BEING EXPOSED FOR VIOLATIONS !!! I'm sure all you can see their "over the top" attacks AND the democrat media channels are all in full gear throwing out advance cover by saying some of the most harsh things against an Attorney General that we have ever heard or seen in this country, things NO NEWS ANCHORS OR REPORTERS SHOULD EVER BE SO BLANTANTLY BIASED TO SAY & ACCUSE as if what they are saying is proven, yet even those of you who hate president Trump, we can all see with our own eyes, that all these so-called "News Anchors & Show Hosts" are literally acting as like political party team members of the democrats, and they NEVER hold the democrats accountable for any of the weak or ridiculous legal positions they take, wrong or misleading statements, their abuse of House committees powers, AND GETTING NOTHING DONE OR FIXED IN THIS COUNTRY…RIGHT?

  3. These “tools” are constrained by the Constitution. Using these tools on a US citizen requires warrant. Also, who is using these tools? Is it the FBI, or some other agency (“CI Guys”), or a combination of investigation and intelligence gathering? That matters. I do agree with your panel. We (IG, DOJ) absolutely do need to get to the bottom of this. The Dems may not like what it turns up.

  4. You three are overlooking the truth, of course, that INTENT is considered with legal proceedings. The INTENT here was to stop Trump. The INTENT was based upon pure hatred for Trump. The INTENT was to lie, cheat or steal to do it. So, for you to say that is ok, shows your mis-guided, one-sided yellow journalism. I used to vote Dem for many years… but after the blatant disregard for the truth you (the media and the Dem Party) have shown over the past 2 1/2 years, I just can't keep supporting the lack of true direction.

  5. And that swamp turd Al Green has got to be the most ignorant fool to Ever represent this country trying to impeach our President Donald J Trump with no charges of any kind was this guy born an idiot or did money make him a complete moron

  6. We as Americans should be appalled that Obama/ Clinton and their people used the tools of our Intelligence Community for their political gain. Mark my words…….. this is not going to turn out well for the corrupt dems involved.

  7. Have we not fired enough FBI agents yet for America to realize what political party they work for? Do your job Investigate, and supply the facts not your stupid opinions!!!!

  8. CNN needs to dig deeper.  For example:  Ask the question who originally told PapaD the information?  And who was that person connected was really with?  It's going to come out,  so CNN needs to check this story out a little more.

  9. Bill Clinton was impeached only in the parliament, then it went to the Senate in 1999 and he got aquitted. He still completed 8 full years of his presidency. And that was wrong by the way. Bill Clintons only punishment was his law license taken away, and banned from any kind of office jobs. A slap on the wrist. SO how do they claim that Trump did any wrong, cause it was all debunked. GO TRUMP 2020

  10. Awww cute. More fake news from CNN. Two years of fake news weren’t enough so let’s go for two more! Can’t wait for another big fat nothingburger! The last one was so sweeeet!

  11. The Wall Street Journal reported that Beijing is considering cancelling all trade talks with Washington.

    "Trump has taken the proverbial sledgehammer to the walnut this morning … by threatening to slap a 25 percent tariff on a mind-boggling $525 billion of Chinese goods by this Friday," said Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst at futures brokerage OANDA in Singapore.

    Within the oil industry, there are signs of a further rise in output from the United States, where crude production has already surged by more than 2 million barrels per day (bpd) since early 2018, to a record 12.3 million bpd. That has made the United States the world's biggest producer ahead of Russia and Saudi Arabia.

    The number of rigs drilling for gas in the United States fell by 3 to 183 in the week to May 3, while oil-directed drilling rigs rose by 2 to 807, data from oil services firm Baker Hughes showed on Friday.

  12. The ridiculous thing about all this twaddle is that ALL the European Intel agencies ( and Mossad ) knew about the Trump people blundering around Europe , the chatter had built to a roar .Brit Parliament has already had Cambridge Analytica people admit what they had been up to . BBC, BBC 4 , Australia's ABC , Germany's DC, etc etc have all had long exposes on the cosy relationship between DeutscheBank , the Bank of Cyprus , Russian money laundering and the Trump Organisation , the only people confused are the great American Public .

  13. Are you defending this investigation still after you knowingly pushed it over 2 years your fake news how many years have you been lying, causing panic even war semper fi 14 years retired off ode vet

  14. What they don’t tell and what I know because I have a brain is that this guy was originally being targeted because of ties to ISRAEL. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA. But somehow it got incorporated into the investigation

  15. A fake HC/DNC paid Russian Dossier is okay? Lying to a FISA Judge to get a warrant? Do they do that everyday? Spying on Americans against the opposition is done everyday? What about Professor Joseph Mifda and was he a Russian agent with ties to the State Department? More information I believe will be revealed in the future…

  16. So your admitting trump's campaign was spied on??? How can you spin this ,you going to apologize for fake news. Alt media was saying this 2years ago

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