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Fire engulfs Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

The spire atop the iconic Notre Dame cathedral collapsed amid a devastating fire at the Paris cathedral.
Images and video showed flames and thick plumes of smoke billowing up and around the spire, which is surrounded by scaffolding. Video from the scene showed the flaming spire lean to one side and then collapse amid the smoke.

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25 thoughts on “Fire engulfs Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

  1. I honestly don't care the spire isn't even historical it was built 70 years ago only the two front towers are historical and that 1B euros that got donated they could of used it on cleaning the sea it's useless this Notre dame

  2. This tragedy got me thinking over the past few weeks about a form of thought experiment: What would happen if say, the Roman Colosseum or the Parthenon were to collapse in an earthquake, completely collapse, like nothing left but unidentifiable rubble, how would it be rebuilt? Would they rebuild it to the state it was in before the earthquake? Would they clear or leave the debris and erect a plaque in its place? Or would they go through all the records from antiquity and restore it to its original complete state?

  3. There have been a thousand churches attacked in France in the past year.. by a certain ethnic group new to the area. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the Notre Dame burnt down.. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the clear attack on French churches that has been happening over the course of the past year..

  4. Oh, I also heard sadly there was a new house that was still being built months ago and was burned yesterday night at 2 and someone I know lives close to that house and heard a couple was sad about their new home gone.

  5. Is this the first iconic landmark to be destroyed or is it the second destroyed landmark after the iconic twin towers in NY in 2001 and now another in paris in 2019?

    We don't know if it was the terrorist attack on that cathedral like the towers.

  6. There are native trees of Australia in New South Wales that are 8000 years old and they’re going to be ripped from the ground and turned into paper to wipe our asses with and no one has done anything. They’re are mothers in Africa crying cradling their dead babies that died from starvation and yet no one has donated that much money with that much ergency to save Them. A Muslim church that’s much older than Notre dame burnt down that day yet no one gave a shit. The world is heating up and is going to burn us down with it just like the Notre dame. Yet, no one has done this much for all these causes that they have for the Notre Dame.

    A girl in my class said something that’ll stick with me forever “let Notre Dame burn, bomb it even. There is much much more important things that are going but no one cares. So I say let it burn. I want it to burn. Maybe people will listen to the other issues..”

    You can get angry and pissy at me. The Notre dame may be a tradgety but the bigger tradgety was the amount of money that was donated is enough to feed and shelter BILLIONS but it was spent on a fucking church. Is material objects really that more important than the children? Than the planet? Than our existence? Than all the animals being whipped from the face of the earth daily? Really?

    I had more faith in our people than I should have I think.. I just pray that people will someday realise what comes first.. veterans most the time can’t even pay for their childrens college or pay for their own rent. So I agree, let it burn. I want it to burn.

  7. America invades middle east, middle east invades europe and america. Americans just did the worst mistake in this century by having a weak government but invading multiple countries. And of course muslims burnt down the cathedral.

  8. The cathedral was burnt down by muslims. Youtube series "Europa the last battle" makes so much sense. There has to be an small group of psychopaths who want a international communist state. First step would be making the western culture stink. The western europe allows muslim radicalists to freely enter the country and the westerners themselves accept the unacceptable for example transgenders and whatnot.. the western europe is slowly becoming a slave to the international communist judea by literally weakening itself.

  9. This is how Islam working. Destroying Europe culture. This Islam, tries come to Europe before, but always has been beaten. Before, they didn’t have a politicians, they had a strong leaders. Today is opposite, no leaders , but lots of politicians. Islam and politicians, destroying Europe.

  10. In the last 12 months, 800 churches in France had been desecrated or set on fire. But it is not FAKE refugees doing this…
    And you think that Notre Dame fire was an ACCIDENT????? yeah, right… see other peoples views:

    dingle dooley:April 2019: The fact that officials were calling it an accident before the fire was out, and the long string of desicrated churches throughout Europe following the migration crisis certainly looks suspicious.

    Christian B:April 2019: Seems odd to me they would immediately say it’s not arson or terrorism when nobody knows what happened.

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