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Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill says AOC should take a trip to the VA

Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill says AOC should take a trip to the VA

Retired Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill slams Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) over her claim that the VA doesn’t need to be fixed.

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46 thoughts on “Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill says AOC should take a trip to the VA

  1. it's kind of funny she talks about big insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies that are the problem and not the VA. it was those very same companies that were Obama's lobbyists that behind the scenes enabled Obamacare. congratulations New York has Pelosi said you could put a d in front of this glass of water in her district and it would be elected.

  2. She’s trying to pass a bill to limit predatory lending practices by banks. Limiting them to 15% interest!

    C’mon, fox viewers, tell me how this is not a good thing? This will help Americans lift out of poverty

  3. It seems like every freedom loving nation is doomed by spoiled brats that can’t be grateful to have food, running water, a place to live and FREEDOM. The simple fact that people could vote for charlatans like aoc Bernie and the like of them proves my point. Exciting but sad time to be living in this great country

  4. I wonder if your a woman trying to get a job at fox news if one of there requirements are having hot tanned legs and high heels that you literally only see on pornstars…every woman on this show is sexy I would even go as far as saying including jedediah foot fetish bila lol

  5. As a veteran with a Tbi, it took me three years to work through the disability machine. By the time I got a single rehab appointment, I had already taught myself to be able to read, talk and walk. My first disability appointment, I had be to wheeled in on a wheelchair and was deemed fit for service by the board. My grandfather was a vet, my dad was a vet and I have spent my life telling my kids never to join. I have a large portion of my skull replaced by plastic, have headaches from hell, daily nose bleeds, balance issues and short term memory issues for deciding to give my young years for our Nation.

  6. About 2 months ago at KCMO VA Hospital I threatened to commit suicide to my neurological doctor because of horrible healthcare … she set an appt 6 months from then told me she hoped to see me then and I wouldn’t commit suicide then said have a good day … VA health care in a nutshell

  7. With this logic than why do we need the green new deal? Our system isnt broke now so why do we need to fix it ? Lol.. these regressive socialist always say things that contradict what they have said earlier

  8. Who ties her shoes for her? From first hand experience I'll tell you the VA sucks. Specifically trying to leave messages to numbers that do not have voicemail to set up, getting told something by one person and told something different from the next person in the same building on the same day, constant confusion, make an appointment without your knowledge, they will cancel an appointment without your knowledge.

  9. She knows nothing about coal either, the VA, the real world, reality, climate change, end of the world, real life, a real job, how to order furniture maybe even ordering a pizza! Duh!😳

  10. "Anybody who is willing to sacrifice their life for this country…they oughta be able to get the best darn medical care…and a whole lotta benefits…" Trish is right on that, with a qualification. The government will never be able to provide excellent medical care, because it's the government. If Trish wants veterans to have the very best medical care, those services need to be provided by the private sector. Perhaps this can take the form of vouchers that a patient who's a veteran can take to his private sector provider of choice. But the government will always be the government. There's no getting around that. Now, the "whole lotta benefits" part, I agree with that without qualification.

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