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French and american lovers reunited 75 years on from WW2 – BBC News

In 1944, KT Robbins was stationed with his regiment in Briey, eastern France, where he fell in love with an 18-year-old French girl, Jeannine Pierson née Ganaye.
Two months later, he had to leave the village in a hurry for the eastern front, leaving them both wondering whether they would ever meet again.
He kept a picture of her, and showed it to French journalists when he went to France for the commemorative ceremonies marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.
To his surprise, journalists managed to track her down.

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22 thoughts on “French and american lovers reunited 75 years on from WW2 – BBC News

  1. We really take modern technology for granted and it's a pity that they lost touch with each other. It would be an icening on the cake if they actually got married. She was surprised to see that he kept her photo all these years. Only true love can make a man do that.

  2. So, you guys will defend Jo Brand for inciting people to throw battery acid on innocent people, but condemn Sargon for an obvious joke about an MEP. You can't even pretend you're not biased, BBC. You disgust me. Dirty, dirty smear merchants.

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