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Google benefiting from impact of tariffs on video game console makers?

Google benefiting from impact of tariffs on video game console makers?

Gamer World News Entertainment host Tian Wang on video game console makers asking to be exempt from tariffs.

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18 thoughts on “Google benefiting from impact of tariffs on video game console makers?

  1. No gamers are going to support Google gaming after seeing how they are censoring people for their opinions and words so Google should be broken up. We dont want Google gaming, Google surveillance and Google democratic police state.

  2. As someone familiar with this topic. Many people are against google's video game platform. They essentially want to adopt a paid monthly service that removes game ownership from people. But this is a trend that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have faced backlash for in the current console generation. They want to ease out of physical copies of games so that it would eliminate the used games market and essentially leave the ownership of the product obsolete when the console is. That way games could be resold to the same person in the future. Google's plan is to not give any ownership of the product to the consumer which a lot of people are against. So you pay $10 a month to play games, but you lose that right when you stop paying them. You used to be able to buy good used games permanently for $10.

    Even if you don't have an interest in video games, you can consider this fight as a foreshadow to what many companies would attempt to pull off in the future.

  3. Google is a fascist totalitarian technocrat tyrannical evil corporation that would make George Orwell roll over in his grave. Wake up people! They’re building the literal beast system, look at their project Dragonfly in China.

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