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Herman Cain on China: This is not a trade war, it's a negotiation

Herman Cain on China: This is not a trade war, it's a negotiation

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on the Trump administration’s trade talks with China and the 2020 presidential race.

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45 thoughts on “Herman Cain on China: This is not a trade war, it's a negotiation

  1. this is negotiation, with lies, kidnapping, threats , violence making the Confucians and people of morals shake their heads……………………..and the weak shake from fear………..

  2. He shrugged his shoulder when listening to the Huawei question. I am no micro-expression expert, but this seems the man is not confident about what he's gonna say next.


  4. Goodness sake that Jonathan guy reminds me of the MAD dude without his ADHD meds!!!! Goodness sake!!! Someone needs to make sure he has no caffeine and or sugar or food preservatives or colorings!!!! Yikes!!

  5. I don’t know if most of you are not informed or what. If myself or you start a business today, where would you expand your business at to expand your bank account? China? Vietnam? Etc…. Taxes were lowered in hopes to bring jobs back at the cost of running up our debt. The government makes revenue from taxes, obviously. But, at the same time, there’s laws and regulations for workers pay, benefits, etc. These foreign countries don’t really have that. Which is partially why your jobs are going elsewhere, because it’s more money for their corporations. Their products are then exported to the US because we are a HUGE consumer nation. You need it, I need it and government needs it. It’s just more cost effective for these companies. They chase the money. Tariffs are making them LEAVE those countries and they’re moving business to other countries which aren’t taxed under tariffs. You literally can’t force someone to import more product from you in hopes of lowering or evening out your trade deficit. This is only stalling China. My solution, begin trade and exports to numerous other nations that could equate to what China has. Eventually, let’s say for China’s sake, their people will get sick of shitty payed labor just as you were because of rising costs and the job market their will also begin to diminish. But that could be a long way down the road.

  6. How can that Jessica be so ignorant when every single candidate has came right out and said they are for socialism! How can that bimbo set there and claim that its only Bernie? WOW, that is just stupidity in its prime right there!

  7. It's not a trade war it is a War! China seeking world domination and has never played by the rules and never will. Read the book "The Hundred Year Marathon"

  8. These guys are all wrong. Even Bernie Sanders' socialism will be quite different with the socialism in Soviet Union of 70's and China now! It will be quite similar with democracy socialism of Sweden and Norway. Those are good and developed socialism.

  9. Fox news for the most part is a two faced bi partisan backs stabbing butt hurt shameful disgraceful CIA SCRIPTED 911'S DENYING TREASONOUS WATER TOTTING MOCKINGBIRD DNC LOVING CLOWN SHOW!!!

  10. Nobody is suffering because of the tariffs. Maybe the very large behemoth corporate farms but most farmers are doing just fine. The crop affected by the tariffs hasn’t even been harvested yet. These people are full of it.

  11. IP theft is not unenforceable. He says that as if we agree it’s true. We enforce trademark, copyright, whatever laws protect innovation.

    America is a leader in many technologies. Those change over time. We will always be a leader in innovation.

    China has a culture that inhibits creativity and encourages theft of other’s ideas. They don’t even think of it as theft or think it’s wrong. Copying the best is obvious to the Chinese.

    The US must protect our culture. Our people, our practices, our capitalism have lifted half the world out of poverty.

  12. Mr. Cain, it was your president yelling "Trade war is easy to win" and when US caves in, it's not a trade war?
    Are you trying to insult everyone's wisdom in the world?

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