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Holding Barr in contempt won't have a long-term effect: Napolitano

Holding Barr in contempt won't have a long-term effect: Napolitano

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano with the latest on the political fallout from the Mueller report.

Watch the House Judiciary’s vote to hold Barr in contempt live at 10 a.m. ET:

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27 thoughts on “Holding Barr in contempt won't have a long-term effect: Napolitano

  1. So people dislike illegals voting in American elections, but they’re ok with Russia’s illegal interference in our elections. You can’t have it both ways. Patriots must stand up for what’s right no matter what party you are affiliated with.

  2. He should be FIRED from the FBI he don't know what the he'll spying is He Should have been fired long ago just like Comey !!! VOTE THEM OUT LET'S CLEAN HOUSE, THIS IS NOT RUSSIA. WE ARE AMERICA

  3. that just means the head of the fbi is a demon-craft also. They always say the same words the same way to pretend there wasn't spying. yes fbi dude ,it was spying.

  4. Comey is center stage. I feel like he's been a Hillary stooge for decades. remember he let bill off the hook decades ago when he was a prosecutor. bill took $250k as a payment for pardoning an international criminal. comey rationalized not prosecuting bill with the same vague terminology that he used for Hillary's no prosecution, even though that wasn't he decision to make in Hillary's case. I would imagine the phone call kind of like this, "hey berry, why don't you appoint comey as your FBI director, he's our guy and he'll protect our interests if you know what I mean, haha (donkey laugh, lol)." I'd probably look really hard at Comey's financial records.

  5. huh…nice to see the Judge seeing and saying the truth again . maybe he's feeling the heat of his peers and multiple recent bad calls on what is going down, also, I would NOT want to be one of the individuals Barr is glaring at in the stills in this video…not for a hot second

  6. The Democratic Party
    Are standing in a glass house,
    And throwing stones!
    They are MERELY stalling for political time!
    The Truth and the Penalties must be served
    Swiftly,to condemn these CRIMINALS!
    They don't welcome INVESTIGATION!
    Let's all SEE both sides of the story!
    Let he WHO has never sinned
    Cast the first stone.

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