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Iran breached limits of nuclear agreement

Iran breached limits of nuclear agreement

Rep. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., on U.S. tensions with Iran, the border crisis and cancer research.

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21 thoughts on “Iran breached limits of nuclear agreement

  1. US has withdrawn from the treaty signs by President Obama's administration. Even a taxi drivers, shopkeepers are abusing US & Trump for his illegal behaviour. You idiot don't know that US's reputation is worst nowadays. You guys are hypocrites & liars.

  2. What 2015 nuclear agreement? Oh! I am sorry the one Trump, Bolton and the rest of "Chicken hawks" tore to pieces? You mean that one…what kind of irrational journalism is this?

  3. Should have called him CONman, you presstitute
    Washington broke the deal and Iran has every right to enrich uranium for power.
    They were exporting the heavy water until Washington imposed its will and now is crying foul and continuing the drum beat…

  4. That's good line all your people up like that, it makes the job of our bombers so much easier, as the Ayatollah assahola once said " you will die in a great holy fire" , now it's your turn.

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