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Is Shaq right about Giannis being better than he was at 24 years old? | The Jump

Is Shaq right about Giannis being better than he was at 24 years old? | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Tracy McGrady of The Jump react to comments made by Sacramento Kings broadcasters Grant Napear and Doug Christie about James Haden being the 2018-19 NBA MVP over Giannis Antetokounmpo, and discuss what it would take to change their MVP picks. They then (3:59) discuss Shaquille O’Neal’s comments on “The Big Podcast” that Giannis is more dominant than young Shaq was, with comments that might have included shots at former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant as well as big man Dwight Howard.

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42 thoughts on “Is Shaq right about Giannis being better than he was at 24 years old? | The Jump

  1. Giannis mvp . Good on both ends of the floor , whenever he goes to the basket he needs at least 2 people guarding him , which leaves open another teammate for a potential three. He turned Milwaukee into the best team in the league , ARGUABLY , though . Harden is a player that puts up numbers , he already has a very good team backing him up , which allows him to explode like that , whereas Giannis is more of a team player. Giannis MVP 100%

  2. Who thought at the start of the year that the Bucks would be the best team in the NBA, seriously who picked that, so given that + giannis being the best defensive player of the year, there is no one in the NBA he can not guard, and he’s the second best offensive player in the league, how is it not obvious that he’s the MVP, there are 2 sides of the ball.

  3. Harden is probably gonna be the MVP, because of his incredible scoring this season. He is dominating on offense, almost everything goes through Harden. But Harden takes so many shots and free throws per game, its hard to be too impressed by just his numbers. So for me Giannis is the best player, because he is dominating on offense and defense. He impacts the game even more than Harden, who is just offense.

  4. seriously? if the Rockets were in the east they'd have a better record? The Bucks did not struggle versus the Western Conference at all except for the Suns. How do you base your opinion on something hypothetical like that. If you can think like that, why not hypothetically think that if Giannis had the ball as much as Harden does, his numbers would be even more inflated. Harden doesn't even play defense!!!!!

  5. At 0:17 James Harden picks up his dribble, steps back with his right foot = 1 step, lands on both feet = steps 2 and 3. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT NOT A TRAVEL???

  6. Once again tmacs points are all over the place, and formed on either pure opinion disguised as fact or jus imagined facts. Dont even if the energy to go further with this guy, other then that hes always goota say his eras best (mostly him in his opinion, ) and this eras best would be shit in his era. Shaq would not average 40, and giannis would still be dominant. Shaq himself said hes better, just stop tmac, udk better then all these people including THE FUCKING MAN HIMSELF, GEEEZZZ.

  7. As born & raised Houston fan, Giannis is the MVP. Harden has had a phenomenal season and I'm so proud of what he's done for our team but scoring points is not the only feat. He's definitely the best offensive player in the NBA by a long shot. Gianni's plays 32-33 minutes per game and averages 28points(3rd in league), 12.9rebounds(6th in league), 6assist(20th in league), and a PER of 31(1st in league). It's obvious that if played 10-16 more minutes per game he would definitely average more in each of those respective stats. His team has the best record in the entire NBA. He also makes all of his teammates better. The mediocre/average people surrounding him have all been substantially better with his leadership. He is also in the talk for DPOY. He gets it done on both sides of the ball. As Scottie Pippen said "he plays the right way" He runs the defense and offense and both have happened to be in the top 3 in the league. He's taken a mediocre team and with the help of Coach Bud, developed it into the best in the NBA. He's carried his team past all of the other Top 5 teams in both conferences. I will not call Harden a stat padder, but there have been 20+ games, where he's stayed in the game to continue points. He has a high turnover rate and He leads the league in missed shots. The MVP for Giannis is pretty much unanimous.

  8. T. Mac…not only are the Bucks leading the Eastern Conference, they also clinched the best record in the NBA for this season. Best record in the league, East or West. Giannis is MVP hands down.

  9. I disagree with the last part about Giannis struggling in Shaq’s era. I think that if Giannis played in that era, he would’ve developed differently. He would either have developed an outside shot or figured out a better way to get to the paint. We have to remember that when Giannis entered the league, he was a blank slate, no one knew what type of player he’d become in the future. I believe that would have transfered over to that era too

  10. Shaq was one of a kind but to insinuate that he'd average forty today is ludicrous. He'd have to remain in shape to even keep up with today's pace and he was a great defender but would he be mobile enough on the perimeter to guard today's evolved five man??

  11. Stop saying best player on the best team. This is not a valid argument with east west divisions. Put Bucks to the west and see if the are still the best.

  12. Shaq swear up and down he “wasn’t allowed to showcase his skill set because everybody wanted him to be a traditional big” no you stop running the floor and skill set became limited because you became fat big fella !

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