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22 thoughts on “ISIS escapees become victims of sex trafficking

  1. Cnn was the biggest isis supper of them all, any time cnn reported Syria they reported in isis city's and hade to cover there faces, meanwhile Russian media covered freely wit no sharia laws usa media was forced to fallow

  2. I love how everyone says muslims are evil and are a cult for the mistakes of a group which cant call theirselves muslim for what they've done. The only reason they have pushed their self to bombing and killing people is because of how others have treated them because of their own religion. They feel as if they dont have a place in life because of their culture and take a turn for the worse so are they really the ones to blame for all they have "done." Even though ISIS are not actually muslims but a terrorist group that walk around saying they are and of course, everyone believes it.

  3. What? The Islamic Cult has conducted sex trafficking for over 1,200 years, as well as incest, and of course child brides, get off your couch and go see REAL ISLAM, not the propaganda sh*t in the US.

  4. this is what the USA did to Iraq and its people. operation free Iraq, more like operation destroy Iraq. this is all the usa fault from the moment Saddam Hussein was overthrown and then murdered look at Iraq now a beautiful prosperous country destroyed beyond recognition. May those responsible suffer in this life and the hereafter Ameen summa Ameen.

  5. Poor women, so sad,. Thank you CNN for exposing this.
    Whatever they choose to do with ISIS/Daesh members and supporters is perfectly fine by me, do your absolute worst to them.

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