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Julia Roberts: Kavanaugh appointment would have ‘long-lasting effect’ – BBC News

Julia Roberts says Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to Supreme Court would have a “long-lasting effect”.

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42 thoughts on “Julia Roberts: Kavanaugh appointment would have ‘long-lasting effect’ – BBC News

  1. Wow, another virtue signalling, me too, insane, deluded harpy feminist actress. I don't know who I despise the most,
    her, Whoopi Goldburg or that vile SJW Maddona …

  2. Ooof. Reading the comments section………….it's sad to see so many braindead shitheads in the world that don't see any problem with this guy being appointed to the supreme court in america. I hope this wave of ignorant yokels stops with just the UK and US. We don't need any more intolerance and stupidity in the western world.

  3. Julia Roberts doesn't really say anything of substance in this video. She says that his appointment to the court would be a "horror" but without any effort to explain why. She doesn't appear to really understand why she's against the man. Does she have a sense of why it's bad or is she just repeating what she's been told to say. Kind of like reading a script, which is her profession. No insight just memorized lines. Why would anyone listen to, let alone follow, the opinions of people in Hollywood. Julia, you are correct on one account & that is Judge Cavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court of the U.S. will have lasting effects. That is a good thing. That is why we need him on the highest court in the land. Thank you for that anyway.

  4. She is a member of the Hollywood community which is largely responsible for the sexual perversion in our society. Her signature role was in in a movie that glamorizes prostitution. But she is pointing her finger at this Supreme Court nomination and accusing this as being the turning point for the sexualization of women in this country. Her and her industry has been selling sex to the American public and youth for 20 plus years. They have made millions of dollars by selling us their most profitable product. They told the youth that sex was cool, but know they are the innocent victims of the monster they had a hand in creating. It’s like Anheiser Busch blaming the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh for all the future alcoholism that might occur in this country. She narcissistically speaks as if she holds such power in her words and she expects us to admire her and her thoughts. She is only an actress who can pretend to be someone else and is good at playing “make believe” in a movie. She wants to be profound, but in actuality she is ignorant and out of touch with everyday hardworking Americans and the reality that most of us live in. Her self righteousness is idiotic and the hypocrisy of her and her Hollywood friends is truly unbearable.

  5. The way the American system works is basically you have to win presidential elections if you want to appoint someone to the supreme court. There is no point the losing opposition throwing tantrums, etc resorting to lies, false accusations and mob rule tactics because you lost an argument.

  6. Yes Julie it will have a long last effect on your masters, that's why they have the likes of you speaking for them. In my book your as evil as them.

  7. Interesting that she only came forward to complain once Kavanaugh was put forward by Trump. Where was she when he was first appointed as a judge. Anyone that actually believes that this is not stich-up probably believes that there is a tooth-fairy and that the BBC is still a genuinely unbiased broadcaster – dream on.

  8. Irresponsible to poison politics further by emotionally blackmailing the society into thinking the a “not guilty” verdict or voting of Kavanaugh is against all women. This in fact has nothing to do with anyone but the two parties involved. Evidence rules what is true, not desire. And the lack of evidence is at a minimum not guilty right now.

  9. Yet another imbecilic, out of touch , washed up, old Hollywood hag telling us what to do when they have absolutely no idea what it’s like to live here in the real world without armed guards all around, living in your gated mansion with their pools and tennis courts!!! Fuck these goofy celebs, they’re toxic and poisonous and their sickness knows no bounds!!!!

  10. Let's be honest. If Julia Roberts said anything different she would be destroyed. The image they portray is just as important as their core values. She dare not go astray or she'll commit career suicide.

  11. This is shocking Julia. A very subjective opinion completely void of wisdom. These Hollywood actresses get all self righteous on issues of sexual misconduct, but they are working in the very industry which promotes it. This is hypocrisy. Not to mention that the chances are very high that Kavanaugh is a victim of a false witness that was set up by the left. Stop this self righteous feminist nonsense.

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