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Justin Amash is a man without a party: Kennedy

Justin Amash is a man without a party: Kennedy

FOX Business’ Kennedy says Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) is a man without a party.

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41 thoughts on “Justin Amash is a man without a party: Kennedy

  1. Are you guys gonna give equal representation to the libertarian party. Are we done with the "not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary" ideals the media shouts all the time? Are you guys gonna let libertarians into the debates?

  2. Hey kids! Donald Trump is a bad man. Look it up. He is a liar, a cheater and a thief. I am 60 years old. I don't lie, cheat or steal. Trump can and has hurt people. Beware what you are told about him being a good person… look it up. He's not. He cheats. At golf, on his pregnant wife, not in that order. Do the research and then go out, vote, and make a change and your country a better place for everyone!

  3. Since Justin Amash is one of the few who is against the Patriot Act, against egregious defense spending & actually talks the talk & walks the walk on the national debt–he is without a party in the tow-party Duopoly in Washington. We need more like him.

    He is one of the few who actually votes to reduce the national debt & they want to get rid of him? The GOP is stupid & the voters are even more stupid.

  4. Justin mish-mosh. Votes “present”, claims he didn’t have time to read the bills. He has a staff of people to do his reading, and report the results. Terrible congressman.

  5. Amash is the only consistent person there besides Massie. The problem with Trump worshipers is they are hypocrites and contradict themselves because Trump is president. If this had to do with Obama, all the magatards would be praising Amash.

  6. Rep. Justin Amash is the bravest man in Congress. Senator Jeff Flake and Senator Bob Corker slunk off into the sunset, but Amash is sticking around to fight. Please run in 2020! We need a real man in the Presidency. And we need real men in Congress, not these lightweights, like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy.

  7. Amash was a fool. He doesn’t have the credibility of accomplishments to run for President yet. He should have demonstrated better wisdom and not advocated for impeachment. He has a good voting record but his ambitions are a bridge too far at this stage. He may never recover from this.

  8. After years of watching "lovelies" like Nancy, Madmax, Cowgirl Freddie (FL), Poca, Kittylitter Jellybrain (NY) …
    Ama$h suddenly saw 3 heavely houris enter Congress. AOC, IO, RT. He was GOB SMACKED. He decided to change to the one true religion and marry all 3!

  9. Some libertarians are too rigid in their thinking and ideology and fail to realize that politics among other things are dynamic not static. A politician should be pragmatic and not have tunnel vision. Libertarianism has not worked as a whole in any nation for that reason. "In order to form a more perfect union"…means that the nation will not be perfect but can strive to be better. How does it become better? It becomes better by adapting, rethinking, overcoming etc. within the legal parameters that govern this nation. This nation wasn't built on wishful thinking it was built on trial and error with blood, sweat and tears and not with ideologies that sound good on paper but are unrealistically implemented! Hence, why politicians like Amash have not helped pass any meaningful legislation and yet vote to stop more bills than to pass them…

  10. What happened Michigan are used to be some really proud Patriots there at one time and all the Patriots move out of Michigan if not it's time to stand up and be counted I'll come there if you need me I'll stand right beside the proud Patriot anytime

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