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Ken Starr: Impeachment is a very bad idea, it's so divisive for the country

Ken Starr: Impeachment is a very bad idea, it's so divisive for the country

Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr discusses whether Democrats should try to impeach President Trump.

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25 thoughts on “Ken Starr: Impeachment is a very bad idea, it's so divisive for the country

  1. American waist money Taxpayer pay for Nancy Pelosi the mental woman the alcoholic + Weed smoking she get hight some times I just don'tknow what in the hell she talking about

  2. We the people ,want to impeach the swine swamp, Vampire, Rats, We the people request New elections for the people to vote on impeaching of the Demon-RAT'S, Waters, Pelosi, Schumer and the RAT pack.New elections from the entire country.

  3. Forget Ken Starr — what a hypocrite. Impeachment is the only way to get the facts — just look at Watergate. And once we have the facts — or are blocked from getting them — the grounds for impeachment will be even more apparent. Again, look at Watergate — the playbook that works is already there.

  4. What is divisive to this country is putting party above the people, putting this criminal president above the law!! Republicans don’t care how corrupt he is as long as they maintain the power!!

  5. Democrats desperately, DESPERATELY try for 2.5 years to impeach Trump and when they fail, all of a sudden it "isn't a good idea". So glad I woke up from being a delusional Democrat

  6. They investigated Trump for years on the tax payer dime, FAIL!!!!!
    Please investigate the DNC, the alphabet gang aswell as Hilary Clinton. Factual evidence of Corrupt possibly treasonous.

  7. It's only a bad idea for the democrats. America is already fed up with the endless nonsense from the do-nothing congress and their illustrious leader Pelosi (the wicked witch of capitol hill).

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