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42 thoughts on “London Mayor likens Trump to an 11-year-old

  1. “Encouraging a response from President Trump”…. What planet is that idiot reporter on???? Trump is an absolute moron and does not deserve ANY support from US media. By the by, Trump is NOT welcome in Australia.

  2. He said nothing wrong! Trump's comments are all inappropriate. I've said the same thing about Trump, except, I say he acts like a 4 year old! It's embarrassing, sad and scary.

  3. Jealous Khan probably doesn’t understand every 11 yrs old mentality gray haired people dont get elected as Mayor of a city or a leader everywhere without proper credentials. This man is such a shame to London.

  4. Sadik khan is a terrorist sympathizer, a marxist and an ennemy of london . he's bbeen elected by all the leftwing nutjobs and muslims pretending to be british . his people are the cutthroats who are killing you !

  5. Londonstan, most people in America thinks your city is a joke. Your mayor is a loser and the downfall of your city reflects that. Do yourself a favor and vote the ISIS sympathizer out of office. Make London Great Again!

  6. From the man who treats London like a third world Muslim state. When does he go? Knife crime through the roof, burglary’s violent crime up, budgets wasted on police testing, beach parties and rail infrastructure crumbling. Get this man out before he does irreversible damage

  7. Sadiq Khan knew exactly what he was doing calling Trump a Facist, Khan was hoping the public would turn against trumps reply BUT WE ARE SAYING TRUMP WAS CORRECT ……….YOU ARE A STONE COLD LOSER AND A FAILED MAYOR.

  8. The population of the US is 327 million. With 80 gun deaths a day, that’s around 162 days x 80, total 13,000 deaths: that’s one for every 25,000 people.

    The population of London is 8 million. There have been 50 stabbings (not all fatal) this year. That’s one for every 160,000 people.

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