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McCarthy: Trump doesn't want foreign interference in US elections

McCarthy: Trump doesn't want foreign interference in US elections

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy holds a weekly press conference.

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46 thoughts on “McCarthy: Trump doesn't want foreign interference in US elections

  1. I can’t believe I was once a member of the media. The refusal of these posers to accept FACTS is insane. Proving once again the propaganda spreaders truly are the Enemy Of We, The People. TRUMP 2020

  2. It's not Trump's disregard for the law that truly disturbs the people, even his most ardent supporters. 

    It is what guides him above all else, what he finally made in a clear statement for those of us that did not see it before. In his statement regarding contacting the FBI if approached again with stolen "Op Research" Trump made it clear to all. We all knew he was a lier, and a cheat, most knew he had little regard for the law, but most of us thought that when it really mattered he would put the country above his self interests. The statement he made put unrepairable cracks in that belief deep within his base, and it shattered it for everyone else.  Even when it matters, when you must stand for your country and home, he can not be trusted to do so. That that is how deep his flaws run, all the way to that unacceptable depth.  Trump comes before country, even when it counts.

    In his mind it always has, always will, he just explained so the followers could now understand it.

  3. The reporters just totally disregard what the Democrats did with foreign governments. They just continually attack the president. Such hypocrisy!!!! Tell them to go talk to Schiff!

  4. Americans are sick of these news snakes still asking the stupid questions, always attacking our president. No matter what sir you answer they don't listen. They are like evil robots.

  5. What does it matter if they pass it in the house if it won’t get put up for a vote in the senate like the 250 plus other bills that won’t be put up for a vote because of the obstruction republican.. the republicans keep saying that the democratic don’t want to do anything but it’s the republicans that block everything the democratic do..

  6. They’re created wealth from disasters to gain control and gain wealthy individuals luxuries lifestyles living above the people’s gavel them that rights to do…..

  7. Trump's base does not want to know the truth, factual data and nothing on science. They are illiterate and do not read print. They would rather believe Trump's lies and continue to vote against themselves, their families and humanity. They would rather lock babies in cages on the border and continue to pollute our environment. They do not respect humanity or our world. Very anti-American.

  8. The press is a joke! They should all have their press passes revoked until they learn to do their jobs! Not one of them asked any worthwhile questions concerning anything the American people wan't to hear about. They are only interested in creating more propaganda to poison peoples minds with! Seriously they need a wake up call and fast! The Democrat fascists need to be held accountable for their crimes and these fake journalists either need to report the news or go the hell home. i refuse to listen to any of this bs anymore. I would stop giving them any press briefings, they don't talk about anything important anyway.

  9. He went way too easy on the media. He should have asked them how they can even call themselves journalists if they claim to not even know of or cover all the things the Democrats actually did. He then should have told them he already knows the answer. That they are purposely choosing to cover it up because they have a proven record of working closely with the deep state and they will also be held to the fire when the investigations are over. They are straight up criminals.

  10. He keeps answering the same question , i believe trump said what he said to get someone to finally admit what happened in his first campaign against him was true , that he was colluded against

  11. We need to stop letting the Democrats create this narrative. There was no real foreign interference. The Mueller report doesn’t provide any real proof. Where is the intel that support this speculation. Those pathetic Facebook ads and tweets are not proof! Did we do the same kind of search for Chinese actors or Israeli actors or British actors or did we just concentrate on Russians and since we already know that it is part of what all nation states do is that why we are ignoring for all the rest of them but just highlighting it for the Russians because the Democrats have a political agenda in their regard vis a vis Donald Trump?

  12. What on earth is wrong with foreign interference in US elections if it helps our great President win against the odds yet again? Trump is surely right to say that he does not see anything wrong with it. Who cares what the law says? The President is above the law as he has repeatedly shown. The interests of him and his family should come above those of all other American citizens.

  13. Excellent job!
    Expose the democrats, and their fake russian dossier! It is the greatest lie ever told in American history!

    There mueller's results, shocked them all! Mueller found no Collusion!

    The Mueller Report was investigated by 19 biased democrat prosecutors!

    They, investigate our be loved, Republican President, of America, Donald J Trump!!

    The end result investigating trump, (but did not investigate the fake Russian dossier for collusion,) yet ended up with no collusion!

    Then they sneakily forged into the investigation, an obstruction element for investigation, since mueller discovered no Russia collusion!)

    After finding no collusion about 2 to 4 months later, they sneakely opened the the obstruction investigation, to further trap trump since mueller and his democrats found no collusion, 2 to 4 months into the collusion investigation!

    Trump was cleared by all legal experts and professors, including professor, Allan Derkawists!

  14. HEY McCARTHY.. *“I will tell you this: Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” the president said during that 2016 event in Florida. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”*

  15. Just who would the President have gone to in case of a foreign entity offering info……???? Comie , Strock, or other FBI in Clinton pocket. What good would that have done? It was a set up and thank God, he was a good President, not at all like Obama, and he didn't fall for it.

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