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#MeToo: After model Apernah accuses Julian Colston of sexual assault, latter calls allegations ‘false and spiteful’

A day after model Apernah sought an FIR against famous photographer Colston Julian alleging him of sexual harassment and physical assault, the latter has now responded to the #MeToo allegations.
Taking to Instagram the photographer has quashed the accusations as ‘false and spiteful’ and has said his lawyers are tending to the matter legally.
“Dear all. It has come to my notice that a social media post and news article with entirely false and spiteful accusations, are making certain claims against me. My lawyers are following the official process and are responding to the situation legally,” Colston said in his post.
“I am grateful to all colleagues, friends, clients and well wishers who reached out and extended their faith. trust and support, at this time,” he added.

Apernah wrote to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone X, MIDC, Andheri East) on Monday (May 10). This comes after the model shared a long post on social media, describing how Colston physically and emotionally abused her during a work assignment. 
“…guy who physically has assaulted many models and actresses in the EXACT SAME MANNER LIKE A PSYCHO SERIAL KILLER but nobody wants to discuss that because his work is good ?? Forget the physical assault what about the mental and psychological trauma that he has caused over the years ? Mf blocked me a long time ago and has never posted any of my pics let alone put them in any megazine so I thought maybe it’s time to appreciate his “boobs” and whatever all that is. I had to stop attending fashion events and parties where he was at because he’d approach , harass , and tell me to not talk to this guy that guy,” the model wrote in her Instagram post on April 12.

While speaking to Mid-day, Apernah said that Colston was her Facebook friend and she got an e-mail from his company for a casting opportunity but due to her young age the assignment didn’t work out. 
“We met [in Mumbai] in February 2015, and by April, he had started forcing himself upon me. He would constantly try and get physical. I was with Inega [Model Management] then and wasn’t getting much work. He would slap me around, demoralise me by saying, ‘Get rid of your mole, your features are not looking good’. He was emotionally and physically abusive, and would try to crush my confidence,” the model said. 
Apernah goes on to say that during a shoot in 2017, Colston tried to kiss her and on rejection hit her. Since the incident, the model has cut off all ties with the photographer, who she claims used to drive by her house and call her at odd hours to patch up. 

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