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Nadler threatens to hold Barr in contempt

House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerold Nadler (D-NY) said his committee will make one more good faith attempt to get access to the unredacted Mueller report before taking action to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt. #CNN #Nadler #Barr

38 thoughts on “Nadler threatens to hold Barr in contempt

  1. This democratic filthy fucker Nadler is a waste of human tissue. Commie liberal traitors like him should be disemboweled and strangled to death with their own entrails as an example against treason.

  2. Well, well. I'm not surprised. Anyone that goes against the grain is threatened. I have a different advisor Mr. Nadler. I've recovered and I'm much happier not being in a toxic environment.

  3. Nadler….known fact…he hasn't read what hes got!! Go to your little room and read the less redacted and get over yourself! Boring….BOO…. boring and a waste of time. Get on a bus and go play with border patrol. Major things need to get done. Hillary going down anyway, know fact she screwed us. Go see the border.

  4. The Entire Congress voted to see the Mueller Report. Now of course the GOP has been asked to fall on their sword for Trump and are instant spineless hypocrits again. No answers come and the public does not know what really happened, while trump and barr choose endlessly between blame-shift excuses, contempt and amnesia.

  5. BURN DOWN the Dirty & Desperate Dem Commie Party! Nadler another ESTUPIDO trying to remove our duly-elected president. Burn this SCUM DOWN! Gracias votantes por la REVOLUCION TRUMP!

  6. Unredacted report must not be released because, “as a matter of decency and protecting people’s privacy rights, people who may be totally innocent third parties, what must not be released at all.”

    Jerry Nadler

  7. Man these democrats are really panicking. Made the whole report public with some redactions. Made the whole report available for congress to read with little to no redactions specifically grand jury information. And now their narritive is "Barr is a liar." "Hold Barr in contempt of congress." Lol Desperate much? Democrats wants lawyers & staffers to give questions to Barr if he came (btw, if that actually happened this would be the first time congress did that in its history) and not representatives give questions. Lol Barr didn't come because he knows there's nothing much to say. They can read the whole report with no redactions except grand jury information. If Mueller testifies it's gonna be the end of all this. If he lies, he'll go to jail. If not that will be the start of Trump's campaign promise "Drain the Swamp" Every one they don't like is a "liar"? Lol. Projecting much? This liberals are so stupid to even think this through. The louder the voice the more they've got something to hide. Tax returns? Lol it's under audit. Past presidents released them? Oohh really? How about the so called "foundations" that they've been using to funnel money & to avoid taxes. Social media is already chiming in. Dems & Social Media Giants & MSM vs Trump. Oh man. I can't believe so many people still believe this sht. Liberals are very historically ignorant. Not really ignorant they just remember the bad one's. Outta here with that safe spaces. Feelings comes first. Snowflakes. Wake the fck up!

  8. Nadler would never hold in contempt, He would be laughed off the hill. He talks a good game. But the Democrats are all bark and no bite. Grow some Nads Nadler.. you fat little pygmy

  9. This is GREAT and the analogies are endlessly hilarious. It is a great comedy watching these whining little adolescent babies:
    Think of the indulgent, characterless, spoiled rotten, 5 year old girl rich girl Geraldine Nadler who is always trying to be the center of attention, who ran for class president and lost but trying to save face by telling all of her kindergarten friends and classmates that her step-father, Mr. Robert Mueller, has told her that she will receive a pony on her 7th birthday to compensate for the lost election. She and her friends have waited all of this time and then, Uh-Oh! She is now forced to go to her 2nd grade class an announce to her classmates that her father has now said that she cannot have the pony. So she yells and stomps her feet and wants her father to PAY for making her look bad in front of her friends because she cannot accept the outcome. Sound familiar?

    Or how about the charismatic but characterless doomsday cult leader who has walked the streets and given speeches to his "flock" for 2 years telling them that at noon on May 1st, 2019, it will be the the end of the world and that they will all be chosen to live through what will be terrible for those who are non-believers. "The world will end and a large chasm will be opened, and all non-believers will be thrown into this horrible place!" This is what he has preached and squawked about for 2-1/2 years. All of his followers wait with enticed allurement for the date and time to come, praying to their leader and their cult to be saved and on that day at noon…….nothing happens…… How do you try and save face? By yelling and screaming that it was not your fault, some other spiritual entity moved in and threw a wrench in your plans! Sound Familiar?

    Or how about the group of people who were told to come to the BBQ picnic. They show up but are all late due to the one with the information got the time wrong. The BBQ started at 11:00 AM and they showed up at 4pm. They are all upset with the host because there is no meat left so they are going to show the host! So they decide to dig through the garbage for all of the chicken and rib bones and suck on them while drinking the BBQ sauce from the bottles left on the tables the flies have been landing on for the past 5 hours. We'll show him! They say as they slurp and suck, tongues wrapping around the cold fly riddled bones!…..LMAO!

    A person could analogize this for hours for hours! Grown people acting like spoiled children! Hilarious! Better than any comedy routine!

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