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Nintendo May Bring Next-Gen Switch Console in September Despite Global Chip Shortage: Report

Nintendo was earlier this month reported to be struggling with a supply shortage for its Nintendo Switch console due to the ongoing chip shortage. Now, despite the report earlier this month, it is being reported that the company is looking to start production of the next-generation Switch as soon as July this year, with the company aiming a September 2021 launch. According to a report in Bloomberg, Nintendo may start the assembly of the next Switch in the next few months, and it might showcase the upcoming handheld console ahead of the E3 conference in June. The E3 this year will kick-off on June 12 and will be hosted as a virtual event.

The Bloomberg report notes that an announcement ahead of E3 would allow third-party publishers including Nintendo itself to show their games running on the new hardware. This version of the Switch is said to use more powerful silicon from Nvidia that works with DLSS technology, allowing for a 4K output to a TV. The next-generation Nintendo Switch is rumoured to come with a 7-inch OLED display sourced from Samsung. The Bloomberg report also says that Nintendo’s suppliers are confident towards fulfilling the orders even though there’s a global shortage of chips and other components.

Earlier this month, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa suggested that the shortage of semiconductors is constraining production for Switch, meaning the handheld console may be difficult to purchase in some regions. Furukawa expressed the uncertainty over Switch production in a recent call following the publication of Nintendo’s earning results. Reports suggest that users are already facing difficulties in getting their hands on the handheld console in certain regions.

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