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Officer disputes Netflix portrayal of Central Park Five case

The Netflix limited series “When They See Us” tells the story of five teen boys of color who were wrongfully convicted in 1990 of raping and leaving a white female jogger for dead in New York City’s Central Park. CNN’s Michael Smerconish talks with a former NYPD officer who made arrests in the case. #CNN #News

32 thoughts on “Officer disputes Netflix portrayal of Central Park Five case

  1. Classic Smerconish: Play the guy that’s curious and wanting to let your viewers hear both sides all the while, exposing your real feelings about the matter. Talk about a Dog Whistle. No pushback and no questions that a third grader can ask. I see you Smerconish. There was always something about you… Now I know.

  2. We saw the actual interviews and it was clear that those CHILDREN were told what to say and coerced into making a recital, not a confession. Your swearing up and down does nothing but show how committed police are to sticking to their story even when it's obvious to everyone else that they are lying. Smdh.

  3. He contradicted what he said about Kevin Richardson saying there was a mark on his face and then saying in the mug shots the cops didn't hit them because they had no marks on their face

  4. A piece of slime trying to defend his participation in this horrific act. I have seen the videos he is referring too. He has the Spanky syndrome it's called being a pathological liar who took advantage of a bunch of scared kids. Total BS

  5. The arresting officer that botched the investigation and framed children wants us to believe him when he says none of the kids have a scratch on them, while also believing the jogger scratched one of them, while also ignoring the confession of the person the DNA matches. Think about that.

  6. My family is from NY and everybody knows how crooked all the cops were (and still are). Drugs on the streets don't survive without crooked cops in NY, in my hometown, or anywhere in the US. Crooked cops, crooked prosecutors, crooked correction officers, crooked parole officers. Parole officers and correction officers are the worst. After you are in the system they have you in a choke hold. Women's prison ministry – the stories they tell. Do a series on that Smerconish.

  7. So he doesn’t think a bunch of teen boys who had just beaten a women would be capable of raping her…am I missing something? Weren’t they convicted of rape, and he’s saying the fact they couldn’t have done it is proof they did it?

  8. 7:58 And if you think about it, Eric Reynolds is a lying piece of shit who should be serving time behind bars along with his colleagues who were complicity involved. Reform the justice system, by including justice.

  9. This guy is another Clarence Thomas. He is out to protect his dept. Probably from more fallout. They should have been paid $41 Million a piece. Just like the police have been doing, will continue to do, LIE to protect their butts. Nothing has changed. So shame on you mister, shame on you!!!! I would say, show those interview tapes! If there are any undoctered!

  10. So let me get this straight, Kevin said the female jogger scratched him in the face but none of his DNA was found underneath her fingernails YET 13yrs later they were able to match the DNA from the real killer 🤔

    Yea this guy didn't rehearse his lies good enough before he got on TV.

    None of the kids had a scratch on them but a few minutes ago Kevin had a scratch from the jogger 🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. Liar! You can tell he is nervous! Now he says at the end that not one of them had a scratch which is it? Minutes before he said the one boy had a scratch! Disgusting behaviour from the police and DA.

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