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Sam Neill unleashes on ‘disgraceful’ luggage delays at Sydney Airport

Sam Neill has a few words for Sydney airport, and the 71-year-old Kiwi actor is not happy.

Mr Neill, who is best known for his leading roles in Jurassic Park and The Piano, arrived into Sydney from Manila on Thursday morning.

But instead of collecting his bags, Mr Neill was met with lengthy delays at the baggage carousel after arriving into Sydney just before 10am on Thursday.

“Disgraceful luggage chaos this morning at Sydney Airport,” Mr Neill wrote on Twitter. “One and a half hours wait for baggage from Manila (on) Cebu Airlines 5J41.

“Not even a busy morning.”

A Cebu Pacific spokeswoman confirmed with that there had been a delay in luggage retrieval this morning but said this was caused by a jam in the conveyor.

“Whilst the flight arrived at Sydney Airport at 9:50am, as scheduled, the incident was caused by a jam in one of the belts of the baggage conveyor,” she said a statement.

“The jam resulted in an estimated 20 to 30 pieces of luggage stuck inside the baggage belt system, which could not be retrieved by the staff.

“Sydney Airport technicians had to be called in to fix the fault in the system. All bags that had been stuck were retrieved at around 11am.

“We regret the inconvenience caused by the incident, and thank our passengers for their patience and understanding.”

Cebu Pacific is a Philippine low-cost airline based on the grounds of Manila. It is Asia’s oldest budget or low-cost carrier airline, founded in 1996.

Mr Neill’s tweet was met with sympathy, after some fellow passengers had experienced similar delays during previous trips.

“Love Sydney. Hate the airport,” one person wrote.

“Sydney airport is the most infuriatingly mediocre airport I’ve ever been to,” another added.

“Wow I thought it was bad when I waited 45 min there. Sydney luggage handling and delivery is woeful,” another complained.

Last week, Neill attended the opening of the Sydney Film Festival at the State Theatre on Wednesday.

Mr Neill attended the world premiere of Rachel Ward’s Palm Beach, a comedy-drama about a group of lifelong friends reuniting to celebrate a special birthday at the popular Sydney suburb.

The film stars Bryan Brown, Sam Neill, Greta Scacchi, Richard E Grant, Jacqueline McKenzie, Claire van der Boom, Aaron Jeffrey, Heather Mitchell, Matilda Brown and new faces Frances Berry and Charlie Vickers. has contacted Sydney Airport and Cebu Pacific Airlines for comment.


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