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Source: Trump attended 2015 hush money meeting

Donald Trump attended an August 2015 meeting that federal prosecutors believe was central to a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws to help Trump win the presidency, according to a source familiar with the matter. #CNN #News

26 thoughts on “Source: Trump attended 2015 hush money meeting

  1. so trump has ties with a rightwing paper, is that illegal ? Hilderbeast and Obummer have no ties to left leaning networks (like the 90% of em?)

  2. who cares about any of this????? my god i watch this crap for more than 2 minutes and I think I have brain damage. Its literally junk food for people who think they're smart and into politics.

  3. I don't even want to hear about Trump anymore.He is a felon many times over.He and his family are a bunch of criminals.They lie constantly.They are aligned with Putin.Our government is corrupt as hell.Other Americans who commit multiple felonies are arrested, jailed and charged for their crimes.The American people are being expected to tolerate all of this like it's ok.It's NOT ok, nothing about it is ok.

  4. The national Enquirer is known as a gossip paper that is 99 percent bullshit. It should be much more shocking that national media outlet's that people believe are true to lie like the fucking trash they are. Hint CNN.

  5. Just one big ball ,of chaos and confusion. The Russian negative media blitz. Brought to America through, social media and any available news ,outlets if the price was right .KGB type propaganda. Not being taken serious enough, by American .Stop thinking it's a game. Tribal politics destroying America. A divided country will not stand. For the Russian dictator everything is going as planned.

  6. Campaign Finance Violations AKA Hush Money ————>245 Members of Congress and Counting "Sexual harassment fund exposes Congress" all the public knows is that since 1997, Congress has paid more than $17 million to settle scores of workplace claims from a special Treasury Department fund created by the 1995 law. When sexual harassers agree on confidential settlements with victims, at least the payments come out of the harassers' own pockets or from companies that choose to employ them. But not, as the nation has learned this month, when the harasser serves in Congress. Then, taxpayers foot the bill. And the entire episode remains hidden. This outrageous system grows out of a 1995 law, known as the Congressional Accountability Act, that was intended to make lawmakers subject to the same workplace laws against harassment and discrimination as the rest of American employers. The law was a well-intentioned and much needed effort to end Congress' status as the "last plantation." But some of the fine-print provisions — such as mandating that settlements be secret and having taxpayers pick up the tab for lawmakers violating the law….Taxpayers are still paying for settlements involving lawmakers…YOU THINK ANYBODIES GOING TO JAIL?

  7. Raw Dawg Spanky had a secret tryst,
    With an infant son ensconced at home.
    Just add another name to a long list
    Of times a scoundrel lied to bury his bone.

  8. The timing of these payments should be a focus, these alleged affairs happened back in 2006/2007, if Trump was only concerned about his wife and children finding out, why would he wait 8 or 9 years only to pay hush money right before the election? He clearly didn't want these affairs to affect the election, Trump and Rudy are always full of 💩

  9. Trump restoring dignity to the White House?
    • Draft Dodger
    • Tax Evader
    • Law Breaker
    • Adulterer
    • Whoremonger
    • Traitor
    • Unpatriotic
    • Untrustworthy
    • Devious
    • Vindictive
    • Hateful
    • Undignified
    • Crass
    • Inarticulate
    • Dishonest
    • Arrogant
    • Mean Spirited
    • Foolish
    • Immature
    • Greedy
    • Misogynist
    • Cheater
    • Con Artist
    • Liar
    • Racist
    • Bigot
    • Infidel
    • Narcissist
    • Psychopath
    • Jealous of President Obama
    Yeah, Trump’s doing a fine job at restoring dignity to the White House.

  10. National Enquirer is another one of these disgraceful BS factories that must be closed down and banned after the con man is jailed. Starting with Trump, GOP, NRA, FOX, etc.

    But the very first action to safeguard this nation's and humanity's future is to take care of the 35% overpopulation problem, aka all the ignorant inbred racist white trash Deplorable we have.

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