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Stephen A.: Eric Dickerson mishandled Hall of Fame boycott proposal | First Take | ESPN

The First Take crew debates on whether Pro Football Hall of Famers should receive health insurance and an annual salary, two requests that the Hall of Famers have threatened to sue the NFL if these requests aren’t met.

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41 thoughts on “Stephen A.: Eric Dickerson mishandled Hall of Fame boycott proposal | First Take | ESPN

  1. Maybe they can get their healthcare paid for by Nike????

    Anybody else get their healthcare for the rest of their life? Hey, instead of spending money on gold chains and cars maybe they should put a few dollars away and sign up for ObamaCare like everyone else!

  2. It’s amazing how people wanna compare your own life to some else’s… if a person retires fromGeneral Motors.. u want the best pension available.. u want ur medical bills to be covered. But because these men are on tv , they doesn’t deserve a quality pension an health care. Why because there check is bigger then yours .. that’s is a major problem in society. Eric Dickson intention is to make sure all players have a quality pension an health care.. same thing unions did in the 80s , 70s, 60s

  3. I don't see how these teams don't giving Hall of Famers or ex-players health insurance there are 32 teams and each team has team doctors and I'm sure each team doctor is associated with a hospital in that city or state and with the NFL being a multi billion dollar industry on the legs and backs of these players they could figure out something to get them Health insurance…

  4. And make no mistake again MAKE NO MISTAKE these guys got paid the most In their day. So you want a paycheck now ? I believe this is out of jealousy because a scub is making 3 million and you were a great and didnt but it's a different game.
    Who is to say the scrubs now wouldnt have been great back then.
    Bo Jackson lost out on millions because of injuries you dont here anything from him.
    Like people on here said you leave a company and 20 years later you come back and say give me a paycheck. Every boss would be like are you NUTS? Their are players from the 60's and 70's that are doing very well for themself financially . Why? Because they didn't waste their money they valued the money.
    As I said before yes play a certain number of years get lifetime insurance.
    Dont forget they get a pension plus they get social security. So they are still making money .plus the greats do signings and interviews they get paid.

  5. Why is this an issue give the players health insurances? Eric did the best he could with the issue. Money people do not want to give up the money. There a few players in the HOF that are on making income onTV but what about their other brothers.

  6. Last time I checked no one was forced to play football professionally. You accept the risk when you sign the contract and you were compensated for that. Sounds like some players want kick back for managing their money.

  7. My take. HOFers made big money during their career. All have great pension plans which include health plans. They knew the risks playing football. There mad because they have body aches, can't do all the dope they want and have to limit the money they spend in strip clubs and paying hookers. I have 2 words for the crybabies. FUCK THEM

  8. I'm all for anything that causes the NFL to self destruct. I hope the NFL completely and totally falls to its knees and is internally and externally destroyed and weakened as a result of these arrogant multimillion-dollar social justice idiots taking a knee and disrespecting our American tradition. A free country that's screwed up pretty badly to minorities and women but it's still the greatest country in history. Take a knee? I hope the whole NFL Falls flat on its ass. Boycott the NFL! Watch soccer instead that's the real futball. Watch rugby, that's guys who play football without all the padding and helmets! Overpaid arrogant and not deserving of any respect at all for refusing to stand up to our national anthem and American flag which represents hope. Boycott the NFL forever and ever and ever until there is no more NFL

  9. Hmmm… don't they have some kind of retirement insurance package, so that they are not like this, asking the league to pay them when they don't play anymore. 300K a year? The health insurance, I get it, but post-career salary?

  10. Hard for the average person to relate to and support guys like these. "I made millions from my glamorous career, but I want more more more or else I'm gonna throw a tantrum and boycott."

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