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34 thoughts on “Swalwell: I want to let others have their shot

  1. What a piece of pompous bullshit. Instead of admitting he should have never entered the race in the first place, he tries to sound magnanimous.

  2. hey swallow your answer is, not even my own retarded low life anti American racist party likes me…so they told me to get out, and I did……but the retards in my state are just ignorant enough to vote me back into the job Ive used to fuck them and America…..

  3. The comments below are disgusting and I can't even believe it would come out of a normal person's brain anyway putting that aside I think this kid is a decent good guy and I hope he runs for the Senate . Thank you for being a light of hope in humanity ☆

  4. Yes Swalwell will just go back to producing more Impeachment Crack and supply it to the major pusher Schiffcraco and he will spread it around the USA via anti-logic wineries like CNN. One great combine.

  5. Wow what a guy, letting others have their Shot.
    Hating guns and all, it's quite punny 😎
    Don't let the door hit you in the ass Loser.
    Use Independent Media for Real News

  6. Next up Gillenbrand..As a republican I sure hope the Dems get smart this time and put Bernie as their nomination. He is a true progressive and not status quo like Biden… Dems will rig this next year again like in 2016..

  7. He didn't drop out to give others a chance folks.
    His numbers say otherwise. He's a 3% Candidate at best.
    This means that THE PEOPLE sent him a message to get the Phuck Out !!!

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