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48 thoughts on “Tearful Jon Stewart rebukes Congress over 9/11 fund – BBC News

  1. Look at that, Congress just doesn't care anymore. like the wounds have healed and its water under the bridge. that's My first impression of this video

  2. I would like to express my absolute outrage at the Jo Brand acid attack 'joke'. Disgusting. How can I formally seek justice from Denver? BBC your time has past – you survive by exploiting +75yrs pensioners. Are you proud? Seriously you make me feel so bad. What a great British institution that has fallen.

  3. 拜託世界,鴿子找英總督,高知識假失丟槍哪位宦臣,是娘们教学还是沒懶叫,拜託大英国风範,同日本台乱倫宦众官習慣性学術士而,对了,英美警驅邪囚獄看要不要此宦將助驱伏邪囚门,,,S0,別找些宦群学入门好嗎,此种宦術,到哪都一样,,,。

  4. I'm a liberal. I never disliked Stewart and I know he's being sincere…and yet his self-righteousness (which he's displayed numerous times) is still somehow vomitous. While Congress and certainly the Senate deserves excoriation on any number of things, he is lying about no one attending. It was a Special session and 14 of the 16 Congress people were present. Also this was just an extension of benefits to 2090, which is widely popular and sure to pass. So please, escort the haggard ex-comedian from the chamber now.

  5. worthless congress…..americans are treated like second and third class citizens in their own county..if you don't believe me go to any airport and see how TSA treats you like a "TERRORIST" as they are letting illegals fly free with no proper id but a piece of paper…….they get to commit crimes and then are released from jail by political activists democrats they are not deported and go and commit more crimes the illegal aliens get rewarded…they get everything free as long as they vote democrat… illegal aliens/criminals, refugees,radical muslims, and gangs are treated like they just cured cancer and poverty

  6. It's like Jon Stuart is one of the last true leftists and the rest of them are usefull idiots working for like Soros/BigCorpo/theCIA/TheDeepState without even knowing. I repeat, most of the left today are working for fascists and the establishment without even realizing, and the smartest ones have walked away from the Democrat Party tired of all the lies and BS. It's been the same in France; in the 8 years before Macron, France was ruled by the Socialist Party, but they just acted more and more fascist like and pro BigCorpo and Pro Israel that the leftists in France just couldnt vote for them anymore, so they had to make a new party for those fools(the French left) which was ruled by pretty much the same people as the now defunct Socialist Party , Macron is from the Socialist Party, same cabal new name. My point is real leftists are pretty lonely these days.

  7. It's sad to see humans readily abandon logic and reason in the lieu of emotion, but I guess the lunatics who run the asylum know exactly which buttons to press. …and in other news, a 125ft wingspan jet has squeezed through a 16ft diameter hole in the Pentagon, without breaking any of the surrounding windows, then vapourised – true story.
    …..This just in, a third, 47 story building, not struck by any plane, has collapsed with perfect symmetry. <— I recall being told this by the BBC, 20 minutes BEFORE the building collapsed. <— here's the exact second the BBC read from the prepared script, a little too early. Any questions?

  8. Im not suprised at all Politicians will be politicians , American citizens should not stand for this .it's sad . When you see a comedian crying then you know you fooked .

  9. I worked with people that were on a USAR team that went to help after 911, THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME COUGH. Congress needs to stop with their political games and start doing the work of the people.

  10. Mr Jon Stewart he's a National Treasure. The Great American Patriots. 💕🇺🇸👍 God Bless America!! God Bless these American Patriots! 💕🇺🇸👍These Congress not American, they are shameful betrayed United States!! Democrats garbages these people are rotten all the way through to the core!! Garbage!! Embarrassment for the country!! They are shameful, they are garbages wants to open border to send all Migrant Caravan, Human Sex Trafficking, Drug Cartel to USA trying to ruin United States!!

  11. And in the end nothing will be done. Modern democracy is about elections not getting things done. Jon you should know better, apathy is the credos these days.

  12. What people fail to realize is money chase money. The rich cannot be as rich if they are giving to the people in need. And the rich are all about staying wealthy. The rich for the most part arent going the easily part with money. Its not about country, responsibility nor love for your fellow man. Its about the benjamins. Now if the money was suppose to go to the wealthy believe me the wealthy would get the money.

  13. The Israeli Zionists puppets! Yet Trump can fund Israel billions of $ out of the taxpayers, that these brave hero's pay towards! It's Israel 1st i'm afraid and they had a big part in 9-11!

  14. Whole program sounds like a Chicago CTA bus accident. Three on the bus at the time of collision, completely full of passengers when the police arrive.

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