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Tempers flare at Bathurst 1000 after Chaz Mostert takes out David Russell

There has been early tension between two members of Ford as Cam Waters hit out at teammate Chaz Mostert for taking out David Russell at Bathurst 1000.

Mostert and Russell clashed while trying to make a turn, causing Russell to slam into the wall as Mostert drove off.

Unfortunately for Russell, following the clash, he was unable to steer, causing him and Waters to be ruled out for the remainder of the race.

Following the controversial incident, an annoyed Waters was baffled at why his teammate Mostert took him and Russell out.

“D-Russ just got out there and I don’t know what Chaz is doing,” Waters told Channel Ten.

“He was trying to pass him and put him in the fence. Pretty dumb 30 laps into the race.

“Two years in a row we got taken out by Chaz.”

After the incident fans on Twitter were up in arms about Mostert’s controversial move. 


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