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The Iraqi Orphan: A napalm attack – BBC News

Amar was brought to the UK from Iraq three decades ago, an orphaned child with terrible burns from a napalm attack by Saddam Hussein’s forces.

His cause was taken up by an MP and his treatment and recovery in hospital were followed closely by the world’s media. When the spotlight faded he settled into a quiet life without his family in Devon, but then years later receives a mysterious message from a stranger, saying his mother is looking for him. Jon Kay follows Amar’s journey for Panorama as he returns to Iraq for the first time in 30 years. Is it a case of mistaken identity – or can they find Amar’s family?

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21 thoughts on “The Iraqi Orphan: A napalm attack – BBC News

  1. Funny they said that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction ,Yet he used Mustard gas and Chemical weapons on the Iranians ( as reported by the Red Cross ,UN and Iran ). He used Sarin Gas against the Iraqi Kurds and he used them as well as Napalm against his own people ( another weapon of mass destruction ) . Had Saddam not attack Kuwait he could of just lived out his time . There would not have been a second attack on Iraq .He and his two sons where evil people who could not stop their cruel ways.

  2. So the gross people through acid on their woman and make them sue America for napalm attacks but we don't use that shit anymore. 😂 so she's lying but the liberals in power want her to get away with the lie.

  3. Can anybody really care anymore? If not maybe you should buy a TV and get some religion. To put it simply the world has changed. So-called Christians have begun marrying off their God to Satan because that is where the money is. The human race has crossed the line and there is no way for it to get back to its common sense. Expect to see a re-emergence in all the evils of past history. Alternative facts has come to the White House, insanity now lives to make the law. Stupidity is here to stay, we voted for it and it won. Consciousness with feelings has finally reached the end of its purpose in free will I.E. to be able to judge for yourself. Welcome to the funny papers (the United States of America) people's right to choose their own happiness.

    Evangelism! a simple answer to a simple religion. If evangelists can support a billionaire bully you know there has to be an answer for homelessness in our times. In a capitalistic society there really shouldn't be any losers where people feel without purpose in the world. In a capitalistic society, nothing should go to waste especially people. If people really can't take care of themselves why not let the people with the money take care of the problem themselves. The answer is so simple I can't believe that nobody ever thought of it before. Simply put, why can't people own people? The people with money have the wherewithal to make the system work. They are accountable and they pay taxes. There is even a word for owning people it's called slavery. It is stupid that we have to let religion come up with our answers for us. If people can vote and people can drive why can't people see what is in front of their eyes. I guess the world really is losing its intelligence in its human nature. How great is it that religion can pick up the slack… homeless guy.

    Footnote… this is not for judgment just common sense. In our history books, there have been events that have caused changes in our thinking. Now that the genie is out of the bottle (hate going free) wouldn't it be something if you could track down the problems we are facing today with something that showed up in our past? Christian religions are under attack from other religions around the world I wonder why. In the United States, a Christian can be blessed with the Holy Spirit to do miracles (the best religion there is). A man running for president (Pat Robertson) was able to change the path of a hurricane because he was so blessed. He did lose the election but he did not lose his money or his TV show. If people knew what they were fighting against then maybe killings and war would once again make sense instead of random killings we are having today. Making money off of people's souls does put evil in one of the most profound places of our heart (self-esteem to our inalienable rights). Alternative facts or an alternative reality should not be speaking down to us from the most high. The Bible belt should not be given us presidents to do battle instead should they not try to stop bullying to suicide fighting for hope in our children. Give an evangelist an Army and we will all be homeless to this world in our common sense to our natural feelings. Is it possible that crazy people speaking for God has doomed the human race into extinction? If anybody has an answer let me know all this gives me a headache!?

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