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The Rise of the Right: Populism in Estonia – BBC News

A new wave of far-right politics is sweeping across Europe, promising to smash the ruling elite, end migration and shake-up the EU. But are these parties fuelling hate?

The Nine’s Europe Correspondent Jean Mackenzie travels across the continent, to find out why these movements are surging – meeting the people celebrating their rise and those fighting to stop them.

In the second of this three part series we head the small Baltic country of Estonia, where the far-right has just been catapulted to power. Could this open Europe up to Russian interference?

Reported by Jean Mackenzie
Produced by Sara Monetta
Filmed and Edited by Andy Smythe

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21 thoughts on “The Rise of the Right: Populism in Estonia – BBC News

  1. BBC instead of promoting the satanic nonsense of transgender children, but you wont allow comments on the video so people cant tell you what they think of it. Will you please report on why they are chemtrailing so bad, the skies are often white and glowing.

  2. Only the left is promoting hatred & engaging in actual violence along with their muslim allies.
    Good going, morons – instead of supporting the nazis from the 30s&40s, you've upgraded to supporting the world's largest sex & death cult int he world that's killed over 270 million people!
    You must be so proud of yourselves & will likely continue to be so even as you are being raped & butchered in your own homes very soon now – just like in most islamic countries & territories.
    You all deserve the fate you are pushing onto everyone else.

  3. I don't remember seeing any BBC coverage of the "Rise of the Left"..? Double standard, they like left wing ideology even when it's damaging the people who fund them

  4. The right has risen in response to the left. The more you try to dictate left wing ideology to people the more they're going to resist. People do not like being told what they're allowed to think or believe. Not difficult to work out really

  5. To all kings and rulers of the world do not becomes a coward to wicked spirits do not become their slave. Jehovah will give guiadance and direction to anyone who truthfully and humbly ask God for help. Are you to great to proud to ask the Almighty Universal sovereign creator of the universe the Alpha and Omega. Why would anyone be to proud to ask him for help ? Jehovah gladly will listen and give wisdom to all who seek his guiandance he can help anyone who ask. Mankind must learn humility. Even Jehovah humbles himself to listen to us, why cannot humans show honor and respect to their Father and creator ?

  6. Anytime u hear the BBC say "far right" or "hard right", you know they're gonna chat a load is s***. To the BBC, anyone who thinks trans ppl are a bit odd are alt right Nazis

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