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Tom Fitton: Dems threatening to hold Barr in contempt is an abuse of power

Tom Fitton: Dems threatening to hold Barr in contempt is an abuse of power

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses how the House Judiciary Committee will vote on whether to hold AG William Barr in contempt of Congress.

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40 thoughts on “Tom Fitton: Dems threatening to hold Barr in contempt is an abuse of power

  1. Judicial Watch and Tom Fitton need to do a better job. Hillary Clinton's tax returns for the last 10-20 years need to be investigated and made public. That would be the foundation of many revelations.

  2. grats to fitton on his coup BS…. he scored a "pants on fire" at factcheck.   wtg tom!   and just so we can give dobbs a little help,  "investigating" is defined as….  carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of (an incident, allegation, etc.) so as to establish the truth.  its the FBI, not the "federal bureau of spying"….. but good try lou

  3. I don`t understand the American Law: Is there a "Special" law for "Trump-Hating Democrats"???? If Trump or anybody in his campaign had bought for a false dossier, spying, lying under oath an so on and so on – and HRC would have been President – all of them were rotting behind barrs since 2 years. It`s unbelievable!!

  4. We appreciate Tom Fitton so very much; we could use a battalion of him. Christopher Wray is one big disappointment; he needs to GO. As in hit the road, Wray.


  6. Lou, I just heard on another channel that the media pieced what he said to gather. Unbelievable. Just to change the narrative. Check out the whole film and y ou will see.

  7. One thing for sure the deep State Dem's don't like the words we use "Crimes" (they call them matters) "walls" are called (fencing) and "Spying" is called (legal surveillance) that's their smoke screen they keep releasing over the truth in hopes to control the talking points against the Presidents agenda to Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again ~

  8. So they are holding Barr in contempt for not breaking the law that they themselves put in place to protect Clinton. Oh what tangled web we weave…

  9. Obviously a desperate re-guard attempt by the D's to distract the AG , and gain time for them to formulate plans for when the AG rightfully turns his attention and powers … on them ! These organ grinders are really disgusting to say the least .      -George

  10. The FBI appears to be full of crap as far as Wrays commentary on spying. The Democrips can take their crap and shove it. Its only a matter of time.

  11. Is it time for a few million Americans to march on Washington? Maybe 10 million, a march from every direction. Watching Washington poop their collective pants would be more fun than the law allows.

  12. It's sad that you cut off Wray's clip because he actually said that some people use the term and that was fine. It's just that HE doesn't use the term. Seriously, you news people need to stop taking things out of context.

  13. I'm a Republican for the first time in my life, once Obama ran a second time. Thank God, I did… Hillary Clinton is a fraud and a criminal. The extreme left is out of control.
    I’m tired of all the noise and hype. I’m tired of the daily crises. I’m tired of the drama that is produced by such idiots like Don Lemon and others like Rachel Maddow, against our President. I’m tired of the suffocating coverage by the national media of the chaos that swirls around the administration. I’m tired of it. I wish it would all stop, I cannot wait to vote again for President Trump.

  14. You have seen nothing yet !!! THEY have over 34 Trillion dollars parked in THEIR offshore bank accounts for such occasions such as this one ! Next week CNN will start their propaganda machine in motion to prove their innocence an Trumps criminal connections to Russian Oligarchs an the New World Mafia !!! They have no other choice in order to protect the Benifactors to the FBI Deap State masonic lodges.

  15. Congress does not have any authority except as established by the Constitution or otherwise established as Law. I do not believe there is any Law stating that Congress has executive authority over any aspect of the Executive Branch of our Government. Litigation such as suggested by some Congressmen must identify not just a contempt charge, but must also identify the Law of which the alleged is in contempt of. Informal policies are not Laws regardless of how common those policies are. What is Law is the right of the President to claim Executive Privilege. A Court could rule as to whether the Claim of Executive Privilege is appropriate in a given circumstance, but IMHO, even there, the Court ruling is not a Law and may be challenged ad infinitum to the extent that any specific request by Congress would die of "old age" long before a ruling was made.

  16. We praying for Barr and I pray all this turns back on Dems they started this coo hoax and kept going to keep from convicting fbi and Hillary. Just makes us Americans sick. Justice must be served it is crazy.

  17. We are temporarily trapped in a matrix that is being pirated and operated by the Synagogue of Satan. Perversion not truth is their choice of action. Once the abused refuse to play the game the abusers will look for new prey. Time to beat the plow shears into swords and administer justice while there is still time!

  18. You can call me Ray, you can call me Jay, but dont ever call me to testify, he gave them nothing !! Focus on the part about the ongoing look into the GENESIS, That the real story!

  19. They were spying! Plane and simple. These people need to be take care of the old fashion way. Taken to the woodshed and taught a lesson and mouths cleaned with soap like in the old days.

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