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Trish Regan: America needs safe, reliable borders

Trish Regan: America needs safe, reliable borders

FOX Business’ Trish Regan, Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz and economist Donald Luskin discuss the crisis at the southern border.

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50 thoughts on “Trish Regan: America needs safe, reliable borders


  2. These illegal aliens coming here , are the reason their countries , aren't where they want to live . WE should invade their countries and stop em in their tracks . They are LAWBREAKERS ! They don't have any regards for our laws , send every illegal home to get in line and fill out the proper paperwork and wait their turn . In the mean while stop breeding and start turning their own country into a country worth living in . No aid for illegals !

  3. Come on Regan, Don't be stingy! The United States is a great country. With a great country there comes great responsibility to accept more refugees.
    Coming on in, make our country great forever. You! Your wife! Your kids! and Your Neighbour! You're all welcome!

  4. 7/6/2019 There is a deal in only 2 x days. America wins again. The Dems have very little to hold on to. Armed Border Patrol. Donald, your a Fuckwit to even suggest a crazy Idea like that. America , take over South America.!!! NANCY, you need to leave Congress.

  5. Jason You Look So Happy To Be Out Of The Asylum😂😂 I Sure Wish We Had More In There Like You And Gowdy!! I Think Trey Gowdy Would Be An Excellent FBI Director!

  6. Are those the fattest refugees you ever saw? I'm 200+lbs and if I tried to say I'm a refugee I would get kicked out . instead of being a useless eater I would be kicked out for over eating!

  7. According to that jerk, it's better to build a wall for someone else than for ourselves. He also falsely claims that the US is trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government. Never trust an economist.

  8. The generosity of our country is based on the fact that illegal aliens will prostitute their talents for slave wages. This puts Americans out of work. However, they find that they cannot live on those wages. Caesar Chavez found that out and later went for higher wages. However, I lot of damage had already been done to Americans.

  9. Of coarse there is no deal. We have ignored the border since seventeen seventy-six. No it is hard to get anyone moving on the crisis. It is terrible what we have not done with border security. This is our House and Senate. Just because we have a better economy than some of these countries is not an excuse for crossing illegally.

  10. Trish, you asked Jason if any other countries say "come on in and try you luck here" And Jason responded, "Actually some countries in Europe have done just that (Sweden, Germany etc). And you interrupted him by saying, "but in other countries it was legal and here in the US it's illegal". But Trish, you DID say the word "invite". So, Jason's answer to you was exactly right. The Dems aren't actually inviting them to come in illegally into the US. And that's the problem, the asylum laws here make it legal for them to put one foot over the line so they are 'legally' able to get in that way and be detained. The problem is, they are just refusing to fix the stupid asylum laws that prevent border agents from turning them away at the border. Thats why we need a barrier wall or some other measures to keep them from crossing their feet over the line to begin with.

  11. I'm troubled by Dem's NO ACTION of Protecting U.S.A.
    We People should be allowed to SUE Dems for their Self Serving attitude over LIES!
    WE Have The RIGHT for a WORKING Congress, NOT CRIMINALS!

  12. Any politician that has been in Congress , Senate should resign for failure to proform their oath of office!! I'm very serious. This is only one gigantic failure. The debt:-(the wars the category destruction of the nations culture. Please stop understand why their coming here!! Please virtue signaling duly noted!!!!!,😇😎 Capt. Jac ☠️🏋️

  13. You are wrong about Mueller. There was Russian collusion.
    The Russian collusion tried to denigrate Trump and get Hillary elected, and certain members of both the FBI and CIA tried to aid the Russian collusion.

  14. Call Mitch McConnell’s office and let that good for nothing RINO know how you feel. The number is 202-224-2541. He needs to get off his duff and back the president.

  15. SHUT UP PELOSI! Ms Queen of California refuses to even see what's going on beyond her "wall", the disaster San Francisco is becoming which was once a beautiful city. Get off your Prima donna a@# and fix what you broke.

  16. Has anyone thought about putting together a rally to be outside of Congress screaming "Build that Wall" while it's in session, and refuse to leave so Congress has to stay there until they fix this catastrophe they created?

  17. The arrogance of these illegals to think that no matter what, we must take them in. Unbelievable!
    Keep building the wall Mr. President. TRUMP 2020!

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