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Trish Regan: Higher taxes are never the answer

Trish Regan: Higher taxes are never the answer

FOX Business’ Trish Regan says 2020 Democratic presidential candidates just want to raise your taxes.

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45 thoughts on “Trish Regan: Higher taxes are never the answer

  1. On of the reasons were in the mess were in is because of Nixon.
    Why Nixon? Because by ending the draft he created a huge
    vacuum for liberal anti-American draft dodgers to thrive at
    college campus's until we have an entire generation who have
    been indoctrinated to hate America and I'll wager not one
    person on the left has ever served.

    The other reason is the offshoring of jobs and industries by
    corporations all for greed which destroyed the middle class
    and corrupt politician's and open borders where we now have
    20+ million illegals and they refuse to do anything about it.

    We are spending an inordinate amount of time and effort and
    we spend tens of billions on illegals and now the left wants to
    give them free medical care while we foot the bill! Yet nothing
    for Americans.

  2. We are now at 22.5 trillion dollars in debt. If we have a Democratic President and Congress our debt will double or even triple with their crazy ideas of utopia.

  3. Trish what are tariffs? Tariffs are really tax hikes. Since so many of the things American consumers buy today are made of steel or aluminum, a 25 percent tariff on these commodities may get passed on to consumers at the cash register. This is a regressive tax on low-income families. Meanwhile, up to 5 million jobs will be put in harm’s way. And if U.S. steel-and-aluminum-using industries sell less to foreigners, the trade deficit goes up, not down. – Lawrence Kudlow, Arthur B. Laffer, and Stephen Moore. I believe there is a tax and spend president occupying the WH now. Don't forget he has added 2 trillion to the debt and paying 1 billion a day on interest of the debt. Appears to be a tax and spend president to everyone who has eyes and ears.

  4. Americans should be shouted on the rooftops!!!! Not dumbed down, and portrayed as depressed!!! … since you sound so muffled, like you need a nap… who’s side are you on??

  5. Trish? I agree with you! But please ditch the slow, muffled speech… America’s not sleeping, waiting for a wake up call…. pep up your talks… you sound sleepy and depressed… speech content great! Delivery, very muffled and sleepy 😮

  6. Which countries have the most stable, most successful middle class? That would be the so-called socialist countries, like all of the Scandinavian countries, Germany, France. Top of the chart for the middle class. And what do they have? Sharply progressive tax rates, where the ultra-rich pay a higher percentage of their income.
    Funny how what works in the rest of the world can't work, according to republicans, in the US: universal healthcare (US is 28th in quality, 1st in cost); progressive tax rates; government paid education (US is lower in educational attainment than every European country with government-paid higher education). Americans must be really stupid, according to republicans, because we can't make work what every other industrialized country does.

  7. Tax rates aren’t the issue. Cuts and hikes are manipulative.
    Here’s the fact. If we gave our Government a dollar a day, or a trillion a day, they would misspend it.
    The diagnosis of the problem is corrupt budgets with billions of dollars going to things not one American wants it to go to. They write a bloated budget with every working Americans tax dollars, they pay themselves handsomely to do so, and we get stuck with a bill that they irresponsibly spent.
    National debt? Why? Because we gave money? Or did we give money that was misspent, misappropriated, and obviously paid to the wrong people?
    Screw your tax manipulations, flat tax it, get rid of career politicians, and spend our money properly.
    At no time in history has tax cuts or tax hikes helped every portion of society, they are both done at the plight of one group or another.
    And it’s all because people can’t take billions of dollars, and not wastefully spend it against America’s wishes.
    You play tax games, we want the soul of America.

  8. When I see those frauds on the debate stage all I can think is "YOU FIRST." Want to save carbon? Walk everywhere. Want to save the illegal children? Take them in yourself first. Want to get rid of guns owned by law abiding citizens? Ban all guns on capital hill and get rid of your armed guards first. Want to get rid of the border? Open Congress and your homes up to any and all visitors first. Want Medicare for all? Give up your extra special congressional healthcare and go on it first. Want to raise taxes? Pay the treasury 40% more first. Want to get rid of white men? Kick Sanders, Buttegeg, Biden and others out if the democrat party rather than putting them up for office, first. YOU FIRST!!!! Fraud is evil.

  9. All through out history these stinking Politicians has been using the American People for their own personal bank stealing from every one of us making and changing laws that only benefit them. Thank God for President Trump !That's why they hate him no kick backs , pay for play and all the other dirty tricks they play .

  10. Stay tuned, for the taxes will not hurt the middle class,were is AOC with a new tax the wealthy and companies making way to much in this capitalist country. Stop being so successful and working hard.

  11. Our economy is BOOMING so what are u talking about and if u read the Qdrops it tells exactly what is coming,most of those do nothing Corrupt Democrats running for president won't even make it to 2020 most will be in GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON there are thousands of SEALED INDICTMENTS COMING for many in Congress and many in the fake lying news media POWER RETURNS TO THE PEOPLE, THE CORRUPT DEMOCRAT HOUSE IS GOING TO FALL , DECLAS OF FISA AND THE SERVER BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE AND FAKE LYING NEWS MEDIA FOR GOOD ITS COMING.LIJE Q and Trump said the Democrats in Congress will soon no longer be in POWER.REJOICE AMERICA I SAY REJOICE

  12. Oh really? THe middle pays a higher percent of taxes then the rich….Trump loves higher taxes for the middle, just not for rich folks…more lies from fake fox news

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