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Trump considers national emergency to impose Mexico tariffs: Report

Trump considers national emergency to impose Mexico tariffs: Report

As Mexico tariffs are scheduled to go into effect on Monday, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico John Negroponte says cooperation between the two country can stem the flow of illegal immigrants coming into America.

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28 thoughts on “Trump considers national emergency to impose Mexico tariffs: Report

  1. They keep saying the American people will pay harshly for tariffs on Mexico!! B.S! These idiots don't think we will don't grow our own Avacado's!! Wake up people!!
    Why is Government Motors car plant in Mexico anyways???? The Mexican government is run by the cartels! They freaked when Trump offered to send the U.S. military to Mexico to help with the drug distribution problem!!! U.S. Military in Mexico is the only way to neutralize the drug and human trafficking problem and everyone knows it!

  2. It isn't Mexico's fault that these Central American countries are unstable and ruled by right wing dictators. Those are America's puppets and they've made those countries unlivable.

  3. Negroponte, Improve economic conditions in south and central America and Mexico? You mean like all of a sudden have their corrupt leaders stop stealing from their own people? You are a genius and I see a Nobel peace prize awaiting you. Well done sir.
    Why didn't I think of that?

  4. Trump wins again without firing a single bullet on Mexico who has agreed to stop all illegals. That tells the Mexicans were America's greatest enemy. Thank you President. American next enemy that must be kicked out in 2020 are the Dirty Demur Democrats and the Witch Nancy Pelosi who wants to jail Trump.

  5. It's time we put mexico in their place. Tired of the bs, tax money being wasted becuase the mexico president wants to mess with the United States. I say we send a hundred thousands of military troops to the border

  6. Tarriffs were the only option Trump had to stem the curve of insane amounts of trafficking, drugs, criminals ECT, from invading OUR country given that the losers in Congress would rather play political games with Trump unfairly and at OUR expense!!!!!!

  7. Terrifs are not the best way the best is to change laws but the crying democratic party is to petty to do the job I hope lots of others start opening there eyed and vote out all democrats. AOC the first yo go. If she's do open boarders she needs to go to Mexico and Guatemala and fix there problems there. We have enough of our own here the biggest is the negatives about America that the democrats hate all Americans unless there of color or women, they hate the ref white and blue, they hate Xmas, they hate the pledge of allegiance.
    They hate our flag. They need to just go away go to another country and make your changes there , keep our Heritage here alive.

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