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Trump defends planned military display at July 4th event

The US military is expected to be front and center during the July 4th event in Washington, showcasing a wide variety of weaponry. But as CNN’s Pamela Brown reports, some are concerned with the cost of the event, and the optics. #CNN #News

48 thoughts on “Trump defends planned military display at July 4th event

  1. Hey CNN you are a bunch of dumbasses is about independent this is what you trying to take away from this country our independence and I'll kill you every great I've ever went to or March the in in my small town or I've seen another small town it's always had military equipment you f**** dumb asses you will not make Middle America away again help grow your own f**** food in New York single that get you

  2. Trump tweeted the quote on Monday morning from an account purporting to represent the Reagan Battalion — a conservative news site. Only, the account was phony (it has seven followers) and so too was the quote it tweeted on Feb. 20, 2017 — superimposed over a picture of Trump and Reagan shaking hands.
    “For the life of me, and I’ll never know how to explain it, when I met that young man, I felt like I was the one shaking hands with the president,” Reagan allegedly said.
    Dear weak Conservatives, never forget that you are no match for “we the people,” and our president.
    — The Reagan Battalion (@reaganbattaIion) February 20, 2017
    Trump saw fit to pry up this two-year-old tweet from an inauthentic account and share it with his followers.
    “Cute!” Trump wrote.
    But according to the fact-checking outlet Politifact, Reagan never made that comment. Joanne Drake, chief administrative officer of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, told Politifact that while the photo of the handshake is authentic, the comments are not.
    “He did not ever say that about Donald Trump,” Drake told Politifact.

  3. Another example of CNN’s moral equivalency panels… a simple falsehood.
    Too light criticism for a dictator wannabe.
    A Salute to America? What? Why?
    Just look at the soaring debt and the Konzetrationslager for the kids at the south of the border that Trump’s Administration handle as untermenschliche Kinder. That is certainly the Trumpian Salute to the America so often neglected: Latin America, also America but a part of America that keeps deep Native American genetic heritage; a part of America not colonized by WASP people but by Hispanic Europeans and therefore the often despised Spanish (native to Europe and with a bond so strong to Ancient Roman that is acknowledged as Latin as the tongue of Rome.)

  4. CNN takes three years pushing the Russian Hoax for the FBI and Obama Clinton gang. Three years CNN denying ANTIFA and defending the lefts for the globalist and ignoring the violence. Three years of attacks on every move Trump makes or says. Trump has done more for this country than beloved Barry Soetoro.

  5. Trump is a textbook overt narcissist. We do not have a president, we have our first dictator. I hope the masses learn the lesson presented here.

  6. Trump is a stain on the entire free world, that promotes tyranny, and tears down decades of progress. The simplistic view of a greedy political party gave credence to an effort from a long term foe to level influence at the highest levels of government. Vanity pulls off another one. As we wait for justice to even have a day in court, we watch an inept and archaic set of principles be squashed in the face of the keystone cops. Beaten down, unable to resolve what you failed to keep up-to-date, law and order with checks and balances. Grow some nads you wussies.

  7. Hey Fool (Trump) pay your bills !!! You have millions from your campaign contributions !!!! Pay for what you wanted and received !!!!

  8. Thanks to our great president for giving us a wonderful 4th of July celebrations…long live America, make America great again. It's a shame how CNN continues to promote fake news and display TDS in their reports. CNN needs to hire real journalist and fire current staff.

  9. Excuse me but this sort of parade was happening for many decades under former presidents, It's just the last 2 decades its not been a thing so don't give me this bullshit about this being something new. Now liberals are crying about the cost of fuel, yet want to give free healthcare to illegal border crossers? Fuck off you libtards as you reek of hypocrisy.

  10. another stupidity of the rigged media, misleading America that's why those idiots have lost up to 84% of their public. nobody believes this mob leading America enemy "media" they are nothing but Hillary Clinton and the worst of the politician world emissaries…

  11. CNN we the people want to see the planes and stuff we paid for ! It was a great celebration ,to bad you hate America ,it was fabulous! What's the big fallout,you and democrates lol ! Because you hate everything ! Everyone likes a air show !

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