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Trump says US has reached a deal with Mexico on tariffs

Trump says US has reached a deal with Mexico on tariffs

President Trump announced the United States and Mexico have reached an agreement on immigration and tariffs.

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21 thoughts on “Trump says US has reached a deal with Mexico on tariffs

  1. "The EVIL Shepherd" has fooled and POISONED the minds of the sheep! They naively believe anything that the LYING shepherd falsely presents; they SWALLOW every drop of the POISON which he drops down their throats! In the case of this news outlet, FOX, that is partisan politics at its best. It serves as an AFFRONT to the TRUTH! It is a clear exemplar of a pun! Isn't the FOX a CUNNING and LYING creature? Now that the entirety of that so called deal has been released, read it and curse yourselves for the degree of YOUR OWN gullibility.
    The letter, in its completeness, remains in the conditional. It clearly states that on condition, viz, if the United States does what it has agreed to do within 45 days, MEXICO will do its part. To divulge another LIE, to act in the-make-believe is NOT doing anything that comes remotely close to the truth. A rotten and stinking fish-head fabricates countless LIES a day. The SHEEP helps him… in multiplying those LIES exponentially! The LIES are permeated and perpetuated throughout the United States! Truly, that is a sad future of young Americans who will be permanently affected and become socially irresponsible! Before I end this response to LIES, I encourage those gullible heads to READ that letter. It is my profound hope that THEY can read.

  2. Trump is "fake news" heres one out of countless common false statements that he makes then quickly shifts the conversation to something else. Like when he claims to be against the elite . he is the elite you fools. If youre a billionaire youre 100% the elite whao. How stupid can you followers be ? Thats right, "followers" .

  3. Solve the migration problem from within Central America. Citizens band together and take over. Every country that is sovereign had to fight for that, so fight dammit, instead of migrating to another country that fought for their sovereignty. Nothing good comes easy.

  4. Mexico Thanks for resolving US immigration problem. Even do, if will represent having more armed soldiers in Mexico's streets and extra expenses to this country, with money from the mexican taxpayers that should be used in education and health.

  5. The. Next. First. Indo. Trade. War. Drump. Korea. People. Very. Very. Good. Okay. Jspaniss. Abe. And. Drump total. 100% leader. Okay. 10 and. 50/50. Okay.

  6. The deal contains NO quantifiable goals or deliverables. It is not a deal. It is completely WORTHLESS. Trump would be laughed out of any corporate boardroom, then FIRED.

  7. 1: American (North-South) (North: Latino-Mexico-USA-Canada) ($):

    2: BSR (British Ireland/Scandinavia/Russia) (British Isles) (£):
    3: AFRICA EUROPE (German-France::: EU) (€):
    4: AI-OP (Arab India Oceania Pacific) (¢).


  8. What DEAL ?, I would call this deal a kindergarten DEAL….
    You can't fool me second time, with that big huge beautiful wall & normalizing interest rate. No one will give second chance.

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