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46 thoughts on “Trump thanks Japanese business leaders for investing in US

  1. China greeted him with over 200 BILLION DOLLARS of purchase contract when he first went to China,and the orange man gave back a trade war. now Japan sprinkles a little sweet for him, he thanks them like they are families.

  2. Hey Bob stop making things up and get back on your meds trump sold weapons to Saudi $110 B and also to Qatar for $12 B and that’s okay with you that’s mean the the US is probably be coming a dictating country ?????????? Mmmm go blame some one els for your lies

  3. Trump wins again he was so well received and welcome by Japan they had a major talk and they got along very well Japan welcomed him with open arms very nice to see good relations

  4. Trump is in Japan for Memorial Day weekend because the gop is too embarrassed to have cadet bone spurs give speeches about fallen soldiers and the military hates the orange bafoon.

  5. Digital economy translates as digital currency. Digital assets like Bitcoin are in the verge of going mainstream. Japan are already way ahead on regulating the cryptocurrency space. The west will get left behind if we don’t get our act together on this. I suspect Europe and the USA are (behind the scenes) well aware of this though.

  6. Yes, the USA was an abysmal mess before Trump took office. It was a third world nation, ranking after Niger for lowest quility of life. Over half the nation was unemployed. Every country in the world took advantage of the US and bestowed it zero respect. Every president in the history of the US was worthless trash who accomplished nothing. But Trump, God incarnate with a very smart brain who has the best memory, changed all that. For fuck sake! Give this supreme being a 100 Nobel prizes!

  7. This is how you do it .thank you Mr. president
    Trump haters watch and learn

    Trump haters you can keep complaining your usual nonsense bullshit but the reality is this president

    keeping his promises as much as any other president before him did even during your bullshit Russia Russia Russia investigation
    god bless this president
    god bless trump supporters who loves their country.

  8. Trumpf is embarrassing.

    Incredibly boring and repetitive.

    And then an hour-long infomercial for America.

    Several brutal backhanded compliments were given.

    But the Japanese new emperor IS wearing clothes.

  9. So embarrassing to watch Trump. It’s obvious he has no insight or any knowledge of Japan, He only prepared on the plane. You can bet he was hugely bored and paid little attention. He would just go through the motions of reading the prepared speech. No need to study. All he was thinking about was the self agrandizing and lies that he could use to con these guys with. Such an ass. I guarantee he comes back to lie to Americans on his 'huge success'. ' Biggest ever deal in history' . He is such a big fat liar.

  10. Trump is a lousy businessman. I am sure most of these Japanese are interested in doing business in America, but not because this con artist Trump. I thought Trump was supposed to be some kind of wiz kid salesman. He clearly isn’t. What a horrible presentation and how many lies did he tell?

  11. O..what secrets are you selling for a golf course there? Since you're ONLY IN THIS FOR THE MONEY AND DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OUR COUNTRY YOU TREASONOUS TRAITOR. ..FKKK YOU PROFESSIONAL LOSER. 😤😂

  12. I just don't understand how people watch this and think yeah that's a guy that got all his ducks in a row and knows exactly what he's talkin about. He talks about everything like a student who is giving a report on a book he didn't read

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