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Trump's tax returns subpoenaed by key House Democrat

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal has issued subpoenas for President Donald Trump’s tax returns, the committee told CNN, an escalation in the fight for the President’s personal financial records and the latest step this week in Democrats’ battle for information from the Trump administration.
Neal sent subpoenas to both IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. A Treasury spokesman confirmed to CNN it has received Neal’s subpoena request.
Neal, who has unilateral subpoena power, took the step days after the Treasury Department formally denied Neal’s request for six years of the President’s personal and business tax returns earlier this week. #Neal #Trump #CNN #News

28 thoughts on “Trump's tax returns subpoenaed by key House Democrat

  1. Dems be honest the ONLY reason you want Trumps tax returns is to do a FULL Dems self proclaimed IRS audit Not just “look at them". Dems are looking for the ONE deduction that in Dems interpretation of Tax law wasn’t 100% correct So you Dems can say he “Cheated and didn’t pay his full tax” and lie that way. It could be just a buck ninety eight or a filing glitch or wrong colum and you Dems will POUNCE on that so you can say out of context Trumps didn’t pay his taxes The rest of the country knows better

  2. Of all the things Dems should be worried about Like Hillary 33,000 E mails that was under a subpoena Add Dems tent cites. Or Dems Calf Billions wasted on Calf nowhere train Or Calf tent cites. So what will a TAX return do to stops 10s of thousands Illegals flooding our U.S. cites. I want a Dems to tell me how a tax return will hurt the Economy and factories coming back to the U.S. 2.5 YEARS and Dems NEVER talk about Jobs and economy WHY The rest of the country thinks Dems by not doing so HATE Americans and the U,.S. economy

  3. Tell congress to fk off. Their up to their old shyte again and always some communist judge backs their crazy plans. YOU CANNOT SUBPOENA PRIVATE CORPORATE RECORDS. Tell nadler to sk it long and hard.

  4. Has anyone noticed how when Trump insults others, he's describing them as something/doing something that he actually does a LOT WORSE than they do?
    He called Ted Cruz a liar. We ALL know that he lies more than all the rest of them combined!
    He called Hillary crooked Hillary. Yet he's already known to be one of the biggest con-men/crooks in this country.
    He said he was going to "Drain the Swamp" of all the "Bad People" and hire the best…and then the swamp became 1000 times WORSE!
    His latest. Now he's calling the people who investigated his campaign and their actions "Treasonous". Does that clue tell you what is going to be discovered/proven next about Trump? He was made aware of Mueller's entire, unredacted report and everything in it. I'd also bet he's got someone helping him with info about the Intelligence investigation going on about him and Russia.

  5. His taxes are a nunya yep none of ya business he worked alittle made allitle money and spent some and that is all you need to know he went to the bathroom 4 times yesterday 3 wees and a major if that helps It's as close to his taxes as your getting oh yea two silent and two loud stinkers I know It's a bombshell.

  6. If there was any damaging information in any of Trump's Tax forms, don't you think the Obama “Deep State” would have "Leaked" them to the Clinton Campaign. All Trump tax forms are on file at the “Obama Black House”, at 2446 Belmont Rd NW, Washington, DC 20008. Why doesn’t Nadler subpoena them?

  7. It has never been a Law that a government official or President Had to show his Tax Returns .. lets start looking at tax returns of house and senate members .. lets start looking at city county and state aduits .and find out where all our tax dollars are going and federal Highway funding ..
    I bet same place all them millions of dollars went that didnt go on the levies and giant pumps .That the clinton administration gave La . And it didnt get done .. can you say Katrina

  8. These cry babies couldnt accept the Trump win now they cant accept the no Colusion No obstruction. Have you guys ever played with a sour losser? Trying to come up with anything calling out cheating when there was no cheating ? Thats the Democratic party for you, Next theyll blame China for election tampering. Mean while the some of the polling offices where tampered by Hilary supporters and Trump still Won. I hear in 2020 polling stations are going to be very tight with undercover and hidden cameras by the feds, tampering with votes will set you back $500,000 and 10 years in person.

  9. 🤣🤣🤣RUSSIA HOAX didn’t work let’s try his taxes again! This is just why I woke up!!!! Democrats need to stop playing game with human emotions.

  10. Children want to grow now thinking that you can steal from the government and be fake presidents. Congress do your job you are supposed to do and get paid for. Remove the tumor growing in the White House. You need to indict those who pledged loyalty to the horrible asshole.

  11. The President has no legal requirement to turn over his personnel finances. Especially when congress's (Nadler) only justification is nothing more than a witch hunt without any Prima Fasia evidence of any kind. CNN you need to just stop your kind of garbage fake news.

  12. If president Donald j trump walked out of the white House and pulled his pants down and had a big burger king shit and without wiping his huge ass and he turned and waved I would still be putting the right amount of chronic in my joint!

  13. He’s not LEGALLY REQUIRED to release them. He probably having too much fun watching all you snowflakes lose your minds over it.. Like “fake throwing” a tennis ball for a dog. Just holding it above all your heads… here ya go boy!!! Get it!! Get it!!! And you dumbasses just keep jumping😂😂😂😂

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